Tuesday, January 10, 2012

fa la la~

part two of my China post.
 you probably think my trip was disastrous as I was sick. well it was, at the beginning though. on the third day I almost wanted to bail from the Jiu Zai Gou trip and just hide in the hotel, but that wasn't an option as we were gonna stay at a different hotel. boohoo

Day #4

 disheleved looking brothers

during the entire trip, we were entitled to three rooms. mum and dad in one, me and my youngest brother, and the two brothers above in one room.

they were last to arrive at breakfast that morning, and when they did, they both looked tired with their hairs all messy, and proceeded to fill their plates with tonnes of food. haha

we were heading back to ChengDu that day. before leaving for the airport, we did some 'shopping'. first stop was the crystal shop.

 youngest bro's hair resembled Justin Bieber's after taking off his hat, so we made him take this picture. he looks good, doesn't he? :D

didn't buy anything from here. was so tempted to buy a pink bracelet from the place, costing around RM150? regretted not buying it when we left the place, part of me kept telling myself that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to come here should've bought it as a souvenir. bleh. now i'm like, thank goodness i didn't waste money on it. LOL!

 next stop was to buy tea. they let us drink different kinds of tea and even taught us the proper way to drink it. mum bought like.. 5 years worth of tea from the place. -_-

made me kinda pissed after that cause she can buy so much tea and said no to my bracelet?? tsk! haha but well, just glad we got away with a few bags of the above candy. :D

after lunch, we were off to the airport. I wore my sunglasses there, but nobody gave a damn. no one even stopped and looked. common', i thought i looked like a movie star wearing sunglasses indoors but guess I was wrong. HAHA

after less than an hour's flight, we were back in Cheng Du. after the freezing temperature in Jiu Zai Gou (-10 degrees celsius), suddenly 10 degrees felt like nothing.. hahaha

anyways, the tour guide brought us to a famous street. where we can buy food, and also small souvenirs etc.

 saw so many stuffs I could've/would've bought if I had RMB with me, but I didn't so I bought nothing. lol and honestly the stuffs aren't as cheap as everyone say it is. hmm

and before leaving the bus i drew on my eyebrow because i was feeling insecure without my fringe.

while walking, my brother suddenly said to me,

"your brows look weird. like you're wolverine or something."

so I took a pic and here it is:
 hahahaha wtf !! he's actually right.

seriously, dad asks to be the model whenever i raise the camera. -0-

星巴克咖啡 :D

after an hour or two, it was dinner time! :3
tour guide - Alan brought us to this famous 'xiao chi' restaurant. nyum nyum. best dinner we had in China.

sooooooooo many dishes. seriously bloated after that.
notice the white kueh with green liquid oozing out of it? damn that thing tasted like heaven! actually it's just peanut inside but I guess I just miss Malaysian food so much anything Malaysian-like would suffice.

after dinner, we headed back to the hotel. hey, you might think i'd be bored with nothing to do in the hotel. you're wrong!

there's actually some decent China dramas on TV. but the names of the characters are kinda lame. for example - 钱多多(money many many) wtf.

Day #5

the next day, we headed to "Huang Long Xi" Village. another long bus ride to the place...

 the place was huge. many things to see, as usual, the view was amazing. :)
took lots of pictures, tried lots of food. we were having the time of our lives. :D

but one thing about China people - they are very rude.

there was this lady selling rabbits, I asked the price and she wouldn't tell me. why? because she knew I was a tourist, therefore it's not possible for me to buy it and bring it back, therefore she refused to tell me the price. wtf is this? stupid.

one more thing, they're all money minded.
when they see you, they keep asking you to buy things from them. wtf. like move aside bitch you're breathing my air you're in my space. -.-

throwing all the anger aside.. urgh.

while we were enjoying eating, dad suddenly got mad at us because we absentmindedly spoke chinese to each other. i guess he was feeling left out as he didn't understand chinese. so ka-boom. angry dad

frown frown frown. hahaha i'm so mean. :B

don't worry. he got better after awhile.

 the place was huge though. mum kept walking and walking and walking. all of us were like, hey isn't it time to go back yet? LOL

 handsome brother #2


 this is what happens when you force me to take a pic. hahaha xD

 cute dog!

after the village, off we were to see the world's biggest Buddha.

 it was a boat ride away~

 wooah right? xD

 damn. i took such a nice photo of it, can use to print postcards. HAHA

 all of us with the giant Buddha. haha me and bro #2 forever alone!! D:

after that, we headed back. and our tour guide said we're going to see the Sleeping Buddha. lol! it's actually the mountains coming together to shape like it.

and it was actually visible in the first boat picture I took, just that none of us noticed before.

the sleeping Buddha, and his....

everyone was like oooh and aahhh~

 til suddenly a girl asked, "hey, what's that thing?" while pointing to the tower at the lower part of the buddha. HAHAHA everyone burst out laughing wtf

anyways, we went to the Ebony Museum after that. bo-o-ring. lolol museums were never my thing, but the ticket wasn't cheap so i tried my best to pay attention.

 dad with the tour guide :]

that night, we had steamboat for dinner! :D

nyums! it was niceeee. but i still prefer the dinner the day before. hahaha :D


the end!.. for now. i'll continue in another post hehe.


getting muh phone tomorrow <3 
can't wait to touch it, smell it, feel it. yuhoo~ 

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