Thursday, January 12, 2012

have a little faith ♥

everything happens for a reason. and i would very damn well like to know why today happened.

page 12 of 366 was disastrous for me, an emotional roller coaster ride. if you thought I was crazy before, seeing me today would make you doubt no more.

it just seemed slightly impossible. out of all the faulty products, why me?
one second, i'm okay with the whole thing, I can even joke about it. and the next, i'm gasping for air thinking why is all this happening to me? don't I deserve an iphone too? after all this wait, nothing? *pulls hair*

just feel like screaming my lungs out. but there's no one to direct my anger at, for it is nobody's fault. probably only myself to blame for having such rotten luck.

thanks to friends and family and the guy from Apple Service, i'm still holding on to that tiny bit of faith I have left.. please Lord, pretty pretty please?

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