Thursday, April 26, 2012

all about hello kitty :D

bought this today! it's so adorable don't you think?? 

hmmmm i think my problem is that I always spend on small stuff, thus I can never save!! but I like cheap thrills sigh. 

how's everyone, everything? can't say i'm doing my best. lately I've been weird, being so happy then suddenly I stop and just feel sad. anyways, I can't help but feel how unfair this world is. I mean, everyone, and I do mean everyone, judges with what they see. if you're not pretty, then life pretty much sucks for you. (oh the irony) 

it's just fucking tiring and drives me insane cause I have no power over it. that's life? well sometimes it's just hard to live with. it's not like I don't want to be skinny and tall and look good in anything. if losing weight were that easy then I wouldn't still be fat. -_-

but at least i'm a happy fat ass. HAHA


this is basically how my diet diary would look like:

Day 1
- today is the first day of my diet,

- damn it, i'm so hungry, can this lecturer just stop talking and let us go??

- okay calm down Melo. drink water, stop thinking about your stomach.

- omg did she hear that? did she hear my stomach growl?

- fuck I'm SOOOOOOO hungry!!!!

- maybe by the time class ends the hunger will be gone and I can save money AND diet?

- will this class EVER end?!?!

- omg is everyone keeping their things? THANK GOD THIS IS FINALLY OVER.

- *apparates to cafeteria*

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