Saturday, April 14, 2012

so it is..

I don't think there's anyone who knows everything about one person. is it even possible? to tell someone every detail about yourself, every feeling you have, every thought that went through your mind? I don't think so.

even if you follow my twitter, are my friend on facebook, read every post in my blog and tumblr, (as if such a person exists lol) there's still no way of you knowing everything about me. you may have witnessed my downfall through my posts, my uncontrolled anger/rant on twitter, me breaking down over sad songs, emo quotes on tumblr and whatnot. yes, these are part of me, but only a small part.

do you know all those feelings and thoughts I had but just didn't have internet to express them? HAHA kidding.

what about all those thoughts I've had, that I'm just too ashamed to even write them out?
oh and the things I want so much to say out, but was too afraid of being judged?
let's not forget the things I wanted to say, but was afraid people would agree, or disagree, or give me a piece of their mind which frankly speaking, i'm not too interested in.

and being the chicken that I am, I keep some opinion bottled up because i'm afraid of confrontation. YES, I choose to run away sometimes because I don't have the guts to face certain problems.

i'm a mess, ain't I?

but it took me a whole lot of courage to write this, and hardworking-ness too. only God knows all the things I wanted to blog about but ended up to lazy to type them out. haha. 

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