Friday, April 20, 2012


so I've been looking at the vain photos I've taken in the past.. over the years, I feel a sense of joy whenever I look at self shots of myself from previous years. why? because I felt that I've grown just a little bit prettier than the year before. 

sadly, that's not really the case for me this year. not only am I told reminded that i'm not getting any younger, a friend pointed out that there are wrinkles(!!) at the side of my eyes and that has been bothering me ever since. *sigh

what other way to make myself feel better than to look at old photos and cry about how young I used to look... right? (bonus pic of how I look NOW at the end of this post) 

bad year. I used to have straight hair, and I was kinda dark at the time. hmm

 these are the only two decent photos I can allow myself to post.

year of the color contacts! had my pretty pink contacts on most of the time, plus I stayed indoors most of the time, thus the fairer skin. can I call this my golden year? buay paiseh HAHA

oh! I curled my hair this year too. hehe

 how did I manage to have such straight bangs?!

 omg look how big my eyes are/were whatever! LOL
 really like these two pics of myself. but obviously they're highly photoshopped :(

can I go with pretty? XD

omg all my pics back then were photoshopped. -_-
no wonder Terry kept mocking me. I never realized it til now!

this year, I stopped using colored contacts, mainly because when I wear them, people will gasp and say, "WOW YOUR EYES ARE SO PRETTY". honestly I don't know whether I should be happy about it. come on, the only fake part in my face and you tell me it's pretty? -.-

 dyed hair red! :D loved it lor but it only lasted few weeks? or maybe a month or two. haih

this was how red it was hehehe

 wow black hair :O

 i used to be so fair. :(

 i like thick brows in the 2nd pic, but I can only pull it off in this pic.

 love my fringe in this pic! Y U NO ALWAYS LIKE THIS? stupid fringe


ahh. and here we are now. the present year. as promised, a pic of me now.



do you really want to see it? I look so bad now, especially after cutting my hair!

darn hair stylist I should've sued you!

or maybe I should? .....

okayy chill just a little further.

am I sexy or what?


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