Thursday, April 12, 2012


free week is ending!!! NOOOOOOOOO *wails* 

how how how? I've done nothing but slack away this whole week, but in all honesty, isn't that what free week's for? instead of giving us a break, we're thrown with even more ASSIGNMENTS and TESTS (which spells STRESS in case you weren't aware). how is that fair? is that even legal? lool. :( 

anyways some pics of our Four Seasons outing. just to cheer myself up a little. T_T

 I actually really like this pic hahaha

my motivation. woohoo. Paul Wesley. ahaha

i know there's not many Stelena supporters here, but it's alright, I'll live in my own fandom. ahaha. but seriously, the way Stefan looks at Elena.... my heart!! it melts ughghgh. :(

I guess part of me chooses him over Damon because I feel like he's just so sad all the time, I rarely see him smile, he deserves this, right? He deserves Elena. oh dear director please realize this AND STOP WITH THE LOVE TRIANGLE.

ya know, just putting that out there. ^-^

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