Tuesday, April 3, 2012

who's the fool now

from daddy dearest! <3 

it's April already! so fast. in a blink of an eye it's week 6, 6 more weeks and my semester would end. o_o scary how fast time passes us by. hmm

and i've been seriously hooked to L4D lately, no idea why. the craving just never seem to fade!! ehehe. and I'm really glad to have so many flexible kaki's to satisfy my craving :P
thank you!! <3

what can I say, it's been awhile since I camwhored. I'm getting too old for that :( how?


there are some people who you put so much priority, you want the best for them. and in return, you expect them to feel the same. well there's where the problem lies --- do not ever, expect. I've repeated the same mistake time after time, but i'm proud to announce that not anymore.

when you're talking to him, you feel on top of the world. next thing you know you're standing right in front of him yet he acts like you don't exist. he enters the room, overjoyed, you smile at him hoping he'll look your way, but no, you saw his eyes linger a little longer on that pretty girl in class. the old me would've crumbled and died, thinking why would he do that to me. well why  wouldn't he? with all the other pretty girls he can talk to, why bother talking to you? pfft.

if you think this is a sad post, it isn't. I'm used to this kind of treatment. I know I lack the 'pretty' factor, and that I'll never be the one eyes turn to whenever I walk by. let's just face it, everyone judges everyone based on looks, I admit, I do the same too, so it's only fair that others judge me based on my looks too, which isn't very outstanding. wtf. fml

all i'm saying is, i'm never gonna expect and have my hopes shattered again. :)

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