Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daryl Soon is back! ;D

guess who's back??????

Daryl: who??

Daryl: awww~~ you mean me?


lame I know ._.

yay my neighbour is back! haha

he cha-ed at Yong Le just now!!
not bad all of us went. haha

by all of us, I mean, all of us that are in Miri. lol

as you can see,
people stay in KL liao jiu shi bu yi yang lo~
out a while also need drink BEER!


alcoholic much?


ok lahh
though he bullied me till cham cham CHAM just now!
I choose to forgive him,

1. because he's in a bad mood now.

2. I told him I forgave him in msn just now,
and he replied :

"ur so nice :D"


sarcastic much!
pro at jio-ing lah him

took pics of my beloved Bean Bean too!! ;D

hehe still as fat as always ^^
means I got sayang it oh.. haha

hmmm this pic not bad,
can see dao the other hamsters also!!

all damn cute one XP

7 hamsters oh!
happyyyy~ ;D

okayy I'm off to bed!
since my dad keeps on saying that sleeping early can help me lose weight (?.?)
I shall sleep early (as much as possible)

just to prove him wrong. hahaha!!

or is he actually right?

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