Sunday, September 27, 2009

title? who needs one ;DDDD

*warning: post contains over 100 pictures.
if you're computer is not fast enough noob to load them all, then boohoo too bad.
get an Apple.
as quoted by Terry. haha *

I'm BACK!! ;D

from lazyville

did you miss me??

no ?


haven't been updating for so long!
just didn't have the time, I'm busy,
with stuffssss

and mainly,
I'm lazy.


went to Sing K with da jie, Sushi, Laughing, CY, Wilson, Zheng Wern and Billy last night.
not bad larh, haha

quite fun one.
before that ate at
Siamese. wooisehh ~

ordered Tuna Sandwich, but no more liao

damn sad.
so Wee and I shared pizza luhh. haha
flavour chosen by da jie cos we both clueless of what to order. LOLOL

neway, must say that da jie looked stunning last night
like seriously ^^

da jie~
cannot see clearly nia, if can you all drooling liao lor`

Laughing ~
(see I so good no more call u 3 8 po liao~ haha)

from left: Wilson, Billy, CY and Zheng Wern.

damn dark one the pic

her 1st time singing K ler~ haha.
1st time staying out till after 10pm also

then Saturday morning,
had Bah Kut Teh breakfast with AWHYO~

though some of us aren't here, our family still quite big yer

we took this pic while the others were busy paying. haha

after that, went inside Digi Centre.

messed around there,
then went Hot Cross Bun, which is just beside

bought yoghurt there ~
waa left with rm1.
so funny.

and it didn't even taste THAT nice lor T~T

and and and

saw this Durian Cake there too!

very cute la!

SS ai ren was like,
"waa cost even more than durian"


the past week reli alot of activities lor~

I'll try to list them all out :

- BBQ at Tanjung with AWHYO
- drinking session at Daryl's house after
- Father Stan Rally (I think I've mentioned it in my last post)
- shopping with Doreen & Joan
- bowling too~
- Final Destination after!
- abc at Pujut 2
- visit Noorul darling's house

so yea, lazy to elaborate,
just check out the pics larhh haha XP

drinking session at Daryl's
I was sober the whole time.
woohoo~ XP

my brother pumping up the volume while waiting for me to lock the door.
haha so funny lah

hot pink ! yay~!!

mum's birthday present!
CR wallet.

nice right?
my bro and I chose it ler.. haha

this little cutie can't stop eating! haha

new hamster cage! ;D
nice lerr

our rides~
( Vian and I )

we parked side by side for two days straight ler during the rally. =p

visiting at NOorul's house. =)

this pic still okayy..
all the other retarded pics are in someone's phone.. haha

#$%#$%#*$ neighbourhooder

Noorul and me

Doreen darling at Dave's Deli.

sakai one her
she and Amanda are crazyyyy~

but but but,
me likeyyy ;DDD

Jac darling's shoe and mine

noticeable difference eii? haha!!

me and Jac darling

we bought this Elmo and Big Bird thingy!
very very cute!

haha our piercings~
Jac had one more pierce in each ear, while I got three on one side.
very shiok lerhh haha

we even made friends with the people in the shop. XD

hmm not so clear. haha

yay finally this mask in stock again!
very niceee

new glasses from Vincci

Play Boy

press to play


sakai brother with the cage. haha
can't believe he's actually smiling :O

ah Vian taking pic of someone sleeping.

me taking pic of ah Vian sleeping =D

we can drive, yay? XP


haha took this in the car, seeing as Vian's like camwhoring non stop so I also go and take this pic

we were wandering around, then saw this house.

not one, but TWO fairlady'ssSSSSSSsssSs eh!!


me and Vian.

Vian took this pic!

can't believe my bro and I actually have the same pose while sitting ._.

ham face! ;D

c3 give de bear bear =P

me getting ready for the rally. haha
1st day I think

woo saw this when shopping ~

the other day at Tanjung :

this dinner quite memorable for me lerhh
cos hor, my mum actually said that I'm pretty!

1st time I heard her say that.. wow.


sleepy dad

restless dad.


2nd bro

youngest bro! :P

and this is how delicious the food was :

"look! leftover!!"

"I shall drink it all ! muahhaha"

"wow! yummyyy~ even yummier than a combination of Brad Pitt and Jesse McCartney!!"

see the happy expression on my face?
ignore the retardism

so yea, EAT THERE.


ah chai. haha

KC Bullying him. haha

wooo my cute lil' duckkky!!!

gonna pour liao lor~

nuf' said.

me adorable hamsters!!!!
Bean Bean is there, I think.. haha

woo, the bathroom I bought for them
it's pink!

can you see Bean Bean's gigantic ass??

ah wee and Sushi.


dunno why she keep laughing after hitting her head. haha

can you see the rainbow?

mee mamak and mee hoon. nice!

KC sleeping in lecture. haha!!

ah wee !


CY !
looks drunk. haha

Choon Ping giving his speech. haha

woo our handsome teacher

our foot. haha!!


youngest bro with Bean Bean!!!

blueberry yoghurt~

this is so not ham face ok!

now this is what I call HAM! hahaha

the.. err.. view ._.

newly opened cafe in Parkson

shopping with Doreen and Joan:

spiderman... with bangs. !

walau this pirate so fuglehhhh ;D

in the car

got passenger curi take pic.
tsk tsk tsk

pics we took at the parking lot:

retard face.

zomg... now I keep doing this face without myself realizing eh.
Doreen, this is all your fault!

let's kiss Joan :D

Joan damn retarded one. hahaha!!

retardest, retarder, retard.

take 2

take 1 !

and that's the end of me post.

sorry that there's so many pics!


bye bye, today's damn hot.,

and I'ma off to tennis.



oh yea!! I sang my favourite song 爱到 by Fahrenheit last night too!

come to think of it, I saw their erm... something like life story on sell in Popular.
should I buy it??

rm82.50 oh..

haha ;D

辰亦儒 ♥_♥

he has a gf liao lor..
awww and yea he's really a sweet sweet guy. haha
happy for them both lar.. ~ WOO!

now back from tennis liao then I finish edit ._.

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