Monday, September 21, 2009

meaningful life I have wahaha~

wow it's been ages since I last updated! D:

been busy lately, with the Father Stan rally and all ~
having the time of my life ;D

okok will blog properly once I have the time,
very sleepy now. ~_~

some preview pics of what's coming in my next post!


Noorul darling ~
waaa she's gorgeous larhh !

and and and,
Vian and I punya car. woohoo~ XP

nice combination lerhh haha XP

okayy I need to rest. duhh~ tired.

things done today :

1. bought Elmo phone strap. (Jac darling bought the big bird haha)

2. got two ear piercing! (WAHHHOOO DAMM SHIOK ONE!) 2 more to go

3. went through a healing session.

4. went to Noorul darling's open house, without getting lost and having fun there!

5. say goodbye to the cute little boy! (SERIOUSLY VERY CUTE LARHHH!)
he was looking at me like 'what?? is she crazy?'
*say it using Father Stan's slang. you'll definitely LMAO*

6. smiled at Father Stan as he was walking down the lobby without rushing forward begging for an autograph or a photo or something -___-

7. shake hands with Father Stan himself!!!


*tears of joy*

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