Wednesday, September 30, 2009

traffic light day

last post...

for this month ;D

so happy today~!
ate my favourite

Peach Heaven!


I realized that I happen to be wearing my lime green shirt everytime I eat this.

and this is the full moon toast ah Wee ate. haha

not bad lar..

they all say very very nice. but okok only to me =P

today's a special day too!
cos it's ....

traffic light day!


sohai one us
went to the toilet to take pic.

then ah, heard people coming

when the door was opened,
all of us rushed into the toilet. HAHA

then I was the last one to go in,
the person already came into the washroom.

I looked at her xia, then straightaway dashed into the only available toilet.

sorry ah my idea to take this sakai pic..
but nemind lar, I the most sakai also HAHAHA!!

green, yellow and pink.

okayy last pic of the traffic light ;D

ohhh btw,
the walls in our library's like newly painted,


well honestly larh,

the colours are hideous =X

no offence!

then ngam ngam matched with our clothes! HAHA


well you know what happened next XP

me and the oh so sexy colour-ed door.

pardon me, I'm blinded by the door's beauty. haha

Wee's shirt same colour as the wall eh! LOL

this pic very nice! haha

cos taken by me of course =P



hinnn ah today ! ;D

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