Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mooncakesss ♥

don't worry okayyy,
we're not serial killers! ;D

we're just preparing for a big feast!


ta da~!

our breakfast!

full moon toast~

found only in...

Curtin University of Technology Sarawak campus!!


some goofy pics taken just now while struggling to studying in the library

she's not yawning,
but laughing hahaha!

yay me and my Chen Yi Ru =P

arghh today's bag damn heavy one

this one can see him clearly ^^

(see I quite loyal one right? ;D till now still in love with him !)

sakai face just to entertain you all :O

picture of the day :

mooncakes from Jac darling ! (:

love them darling

my mum had one and she said it tastes just like those on sell!

big compliment lerhh ;D

thanks for giving me the mooncakes oh darling!

what a pleasant surprise ♥


do visit ah Wee and I 's newly opened FOOD BLOG! ;DDD


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