Thursday, September 15, 2011

be grateful for the things that did and did not happen

something freaky happened the other day.

watched Final Destination with Doreen and Chang. i was shaking and making weird noises all throughout the movie >:(
i bet nobody would want me as their movie date anymore.

anyways, after we left the cinema, my heart was still pounding. i don't know why i felt so uneasy.
scenes from the movie kept playing back in my head. i look at something and immediately picture something happening which leads to my gruesome death. it was torturing, really.

but just like the movie, there are actually signs leading to the death. but of course in reality we don't die in such a horrifying way lah. *fingers crossed*

well here's the thing that happened:
after the movie, we went home. i was driving that day. sign #1 was that we realized my wipers weren't working well. the windshield was still dirty making it hard to see.

we reached the traffic lights beside the police station. it was a green light so of course i continued driving. however as i was driving midway in the yellow box, only then i noticed sign #2. the car in the slow lane wasn't moving. at first in my head i was thinking, hmm it was a green light, why didn't he drive?

so i took a look at the traffic lights. sure enough, it was green. but alas, after closer look, it was saying that the turning to the right was green, not move forward green. WHAT THE SMURF!

then right before our eyes, sign #3 appeared. a car was U-turning and I was about to drive into it. thank God in the end i managed to brake and turn my car to the left. I heard a bump but til now i'm not sure where that sound came from as there was no damaged on the other car. even my car was unscathed.

it was so so scary. the first thought that came to mind was 'fuck. i'm screwed.'
but praise the Lord, nothing happened. the other driver was stern but he didn't give me a hard time. all he said was, "my gosh you're so young. you're not married right?" i guess what he meant was it would have been such a waste if i died so young. that's really touching in a way. how he valued my life, and didn't even scold me saying that i could have caused him his life, or his car.

and before he left, he also asked me to pray. hahaha. and yes indeed i should.

thank you Lord for keeping me safe that night. thank you for preventing whatever it was that was supposed to happen. Thank you for letting me have Doreen beside me. i probably would have broke down right then right there if she wasn't there. and also, thank you thank you for letting me still be alive. so many things could've happened. there could've been a car from the other side driving at high speed and crashing into me? but for now, i'm just grateful i'm given a second chance. :)

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