Friday, September 30, 2011


errrrr new top i bought online!  the cause of my poverty

anyways, the quality is lousier than expected. definitely not the worth the price, so i kinda feel scammed. >:(
well at least it looks nice in pictures? T_T

this is how it looks like on the person.
well i'm not that thin so.... T_T LOL!

okay that is all.

i hope the anon don't come back and tell me that i'm "FUCKING FUGLY".
cos i have to admit i don't handle criticism well.
heck, in fact, i don't handle criticism AT ALL.

i put out a front that it's funny and that it's all bullshit, but deep inside it bites me bit by bit and i get more and more insecure. urgh. so please, spare me.

k thanks bye. 

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