Sunday, September 25, 2011


you know how you can write a short description of yourself on twitter?

it fascinates me how people can come up with catchy things to say. and secretly, it's one of my hobbies - reading people's description of themselves on twitter. :p

here are some which caught my eye (hope this doesn't invade your privacy D:)

see your twitter in there? :p

and here's mine:

it used to be "i'm the queen bitch, fear me." , but who am i kidding? as much as i try to be, i am not intimidating at all. i can be angry and no one would even notice. -___-

i still remember in primary school, i was so angry with this guy for teasing me so i shouted at him. he was stunned, so was everybody else. but wow wow wee, i felt so much authority so every once in a while i'll shout at him. =.=" silly me. hahaha

but oh well, i was young, and wanted to be heard. can't blame me right? xD


kacangsoya said...

hor...y u didnt follow that Sensenng fella? Jeng jeng jeng....

MeLo♥ said...

hahaha funny oh you!! no laa. after posting i follow punya people punya shoutout macam not a lot so i just tengok my followers also lor :p no hard feelings bah xDDD