Tuesday, September 6, 2011

love you like a love song

just gonna post up some old photos.
 well they aren't that old, memories from August. :)

somehow things were less complicated then.

night at Al Fresco with awhyo.
look at our crazy faces

 i look slim here. if only that were real.

 finally, a pic where we look equally fair. :P
btw it's been so long i miss yo ass already! :( :(

with mum! :)

 love Heidi's expression here.
and she has no idea what 'cheap' means. she highlighted her hair for rm200+ and she said it was cheap. *faints*

 just to make Doreen jealous! :>

 i love this. especially the one where i'm petting the hamster and Heidi's poking it. ahaha cuteness!

iphone covers!!
love the pearl hello kitty. checked the shop the other day and it was gone! can't believe people actually buy from that shop. ughh but looking at it makes me want to buy it.

 so this was last Tuesday.
went visiting in the morning with Jac's family, her dad brought us sight seeing too. what an eye opener that day was. never knew Miri had so many crazy rich people.

at night, it was our performance. and after we headed to Al Fresco to drink our sorrows away :]
and coincidentally, there was a lot of people cause they were there for the Merdeka countdown!

and on Merdeka day itself, went out with awhyo for high tea at Citrus. after that, we headed to Parkson to buy tissues! lolol look at the amount of tissues bought :p

after that we left for Merdeka Mall to catch our movie! :B Cars 2. it was damn friggin funny. til this day i still couldn't find my ass. i accidentally laughed my ass off that day :S

and lastly, had KFC for dinner! wuahaha. honesly my burger sucked. the meat was so hard :( but enjoyed it nevertheless. hehehe

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