Monday, September 19, 2011

follow your arse

so i read this book again last night. it's a special book as it lets YOU decide the ending of the story. so of course i had to give another go, since the last time all my endings were SUCKISH. ie, i lost my best friend and the guy. what??!

and what's worse is i made all my decisions based on what i'd do if this situation occurred in real life. omg so is this a prediction that if i did what i did in real life, my ending would be like that? sucks man. i mean seriously. seems like all the bitchy decisions (in the book) lead to better outcomes. what happened to being a good person huh? T_T

and weird thing is, with every different decision you make, the guy's attitude changes. -___-

for example,
if you choose A, (which often is the right thing to do), he ends up being a psychopath or he suddenly realizes how much he loves your bestfriend and couldn't bear to break up with her. thus, you didn't get the hottie AND you distance yourself from your best friend and turn into a loner.

HOWEVER, if you choose B, (which is the bitchier choice, say, leave your best friend who passed out on the ground and go off with him on his motorcycle), he miraculously realizes how much better off you are compared to your best friend, and opens up to you on things he never told his girlfriend aka your soon to be EX best friend. WTF

STUPID BOOK. or maybe the author's a bitch. that explains a lot.

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