Monday, September 5, 2011


my pretty new friend :P
been pretty busy lately. short on money too! like that's new. so i'm trying my best to focus only on buying a new phone for now.

so which phone do you think i should get?

the latest BB Bold 9900? with its sexy touchscreen and qwerty keypad is to die for, but it's like friggin RM2190, almost same price as iPhone4. might as well just get an iphone right?

or BB Bold 9780, which is 1.5k?

or just get BB Curve, which is RM800 or so. haha. save my money even

i just really want a phone so badly right now, so my mind can rest and i can stop saving and just buy whatever i damn well please.  take that hello kitty plush for instance, (the one selling in the fun fair outside of Parkson for *cough* RM200!!!!) lmao.


anyways, i received an email on a product that allows you to save any audio/video/music clip played on your browser into your computer! i think that's pretty cool.

Capture flash video and audio from any website to your computer

the product is known as JCopia. want to know more? simply click here.


haha okayy that is all from me.
gonna end with a meaningful quote:
"if you cannot forgive others, how do you expect God to forgive you?"

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