Tuesday, September 20, 2011


hello! hahahaha

did my pic scare you? :DDDD
felt sohai last night, so took these pics of me looking confused and staring off into space. and that's my hair after combing. slightly fluffier than usual.

anyways, my night was wonderful. i combed my hair while watching 'Love Actually' and melting over Hugh Grant's smile. i'm so hardcore.

 i know i know, it's an old movie, but not as old as Hugh Grant. HAHA i have weird taste. maybe one day i should make a post on all the guys i think is hot. it'll be epic.

 "i really need to poop. where's the nearest toilet?"

 "oh sigh. there's no toilet paper here. HOW?!?!!" HAHAHAHA

this one is after pooping punya face. ROFL.

okay just kidding kay!
 i DO NOT stop to pose for photos when i need to go okay! hahah

and lastly, a normal picture of me:
yea man. sibeh messy lah my hair.

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