Monday, October 31, 2011

and so October ends

ahh, finally. end of exams and stress and hello 4months of fun fun and more fun.
just kidding, i'm working tomorrow. (:

today was a great day. finished the last paper of this semester, then had lunch with good company, and spent the whole afternoon (12-6pm to be exact) singing our lungs out. damn i can still feel my throat swell from all that shouting and screaming and singing. ahaha. great day indeed.

but all of a sudden, seeing one or two emo music videos, it made me feel sad, all of a sudden..
you appeared. i saw you this morning, looking so good, so good it seems almost impossible to stop myself from having these feelings for you. i tried, i tried to stop it, i really did. but it's not easy. all of a sudden my mood was low like fuck, i even teared a little from the MV.

sometimes the girl with the loudest laugh and the happiest smile, is just trying her best to cover up the sadness and sorrow that lies inside.. but when you see her staring into a distance, emotionless, with so much sadness in her eyes, please leave her be. no words will make her better. she just needs a little time to be sad, a little time to feel alive, but don't worry, the happy girl will be back, just a little bit of time is all she needs.

on a lighter note, watching Real Steel later. can't waited to drool over Hugh Jackman :B
besides, i deserve to be happy. it's just funny how seeing you makes my stomach lurch, makes me all giddy and happy, but at the same time, seeing you makes me know that you're in love with someone else, and that makes me sad, so sad.. 

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