Tuesday, October 11, 2011

有一些人 容易動情也容易忘情

 intake for today. lolol. excluding breakfast. yum yumm.

thanks Mala for letting me have desserts after the horrid exam. i am absolutely clueless on how i'm going to get through this semester. suckss.

had breakfast with Wee, then studied at her house. and lunch with SS, along with Ee Hau and his friends from Melaka. :D
how silly of me i forgot to take a group photo. >:( only take photo of my food. wtf.

today was horrible. all the things that happened hours before the exam succeeded in bringing me down. can you believe i cried all the way to school? hah. haven't cried in awhile. i don't know how, but it was the best and worst feeling ever.

i don't know how to go on with my life anymore.
i just wish it were easier.

how bout a cute boy to end my post with? :)

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