Sunday, October 16, 2011

to the sweat drip down my balls

bored. so here's a tag i did last night. (: 

1.      Five ways to win your heart
·         tell me that you love me :p
·         buy me Hello Kitty!! grrr
·         I don’t know?
·         err I guess sweet talk works, but if I don’t like you I’ll label you a ‘weirdo’ and distance myself LOL
·         whatever.

2.      Something you feel strongly about
·         Fairness

3.      A book you love
·         I forgot the title but it’s about a guy and a girl who were childhood friends and grew up and dated different people and they even married different people. Somewhere in between they started to realize they were in love with the other but somehow there was always something that stopped them from expressing. Only in the end did the guy tell the girl that he was in love with her all this while, and FINALLY they’re together. But they were 50years old by then wtf. But I still love that book nevertheless <3

4.      Bullet your whole day
·         Wake up
·         Check what’s for breakfast
·         Eat
·         Make coffee
·         Continue facebook/twitter/tumblr (basically, my life)
·         Shower for choir practice
·         Lunch
·         Choir practice
·         Tennis
·         Dinner
·         Computer
·         Bath
·         Typing this ;D

5.      Things you want to say to an ex
-         But I don’t have one! >L

6.      Your views on mainstream music
-         No idea what that is

7.      Five pet peeves
-         people who dig their nose
-          guys with long nails D: 
- hmm don't know liao 

8.      What you ate today
-         Fried mee, pork and fish. Lol

9.      How important you think education is
-         Very important.

10.  Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play
-         Framing Hanley – Stupid Girl
-         林凡这样爱你好可怕
-         丁当 –  最后一次寂寞
-         Paramore – Ignorance
-         All Time Low – Bad Enough for You
-         Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All
-         Anya Marina – Whatever You Like
-         U-kiss – 0330
-         Every Avenue – Tell Me I’m A Wreck
-         Kim Bum Soo – Bo Go Ship Da

11.  Your family
-         yeah what about them? :p

12.  Five guys whom you find attractive
Omg is this really necessary?? HAHAHA (well if you insist)
i.      Kim Hyung Jun
ii.    James Maslow
iii.  Higuain
iv.    Lee Min Ho
v.      Show 罗志祥

13.  Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it
-         Sometimes it looks okay in pictures. But I realize that I’m fucking fat and I keep telling myself this is it, time for a change, it’s time to lose some weight. But the thing is I never do. So yeah I’m fat til this day. And no, I’m not comfortable with it, at all.

14.  What you wore today
-         Nike shirt dad bought for me in Philipines.

15.  Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality
-         Cancer. I don’t really believe in horoscopes? But sometimes I do check them out just for the fun of it. But I don’t think all of them are accurate, or maybe I’m just in denial..

16.  Something you always think “what if…” about
-         “what if I was skinny and rich and pretty? Would life be easier?”

17.  Something that you’re proud of
-         Err..

18.  A problem that you have had
-         I have 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one. Hahaha

19.  Five items you lust after
i.      Iphone please
ii.    A brand new wardrobe
iii.  Those nude studded heels
iv.    New wallet
v.      Faded jeans!

20.  Your fears
-         Lizards wtf. You want me to go deeper? I’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid of how mum and dad would feel, how disappointed they would be if I do. I’m afraid of the burden I’m piling up on them with my never ending requests. I want to go to Perth, on my final year. I just really don’t want to screw this up and ruin my chances, ya know? sigh.

21.  How you hope your future will be like
-         I want a loving husband, he doesn’t have to be head-to-toe perfect, as long as he’s good looking enough to turn me on HAHA WTF. I just hope I don’t live in debt with tones of unused clothes/bags/shoes scattered in my house. And of course, I want to have a baby!!!! :3

22.  Your academics
-         Suckz.

23.  Something that you miss
-         when I could actually buy something with RM10.

24.  Five words/phrases that make you laugh
-         Knnccbwtfbbqsauce
-         “Hey ladies~”
-         “nigga I wanna lick whipcream off yo ass”
-         “You’re pretty”
-         “whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply doesn’t know where to shop”

25.  Something you’re currently worrying about
-         Passing this sem.

26.  Things you like and dislike about yourself
-         I dislike how tardy and lazy I am. I sit on my computer all day and refuse to get up unless it’s for food -_- i have no idea what I like about myself. I guess it’s probably the fact that I’m surrounded by friends and family who love me to bits.

27.  A quote you try to live by
-         “Just Do It”

28.  Somewhere you’d like to move or visit
-         New York or Paris. Or UK! (:

29.  Five weird things that you like
-          Doreen Ho. d:
-         Procrastinate
-         Listening to emo songs
-         Staring at hot guys
-         Looking at picture of skinny girls and thinking can I be like that too??
(weird enough for you??)

30.  One thing you’re excited for
-         Holidays, family trip and Christmas! :D 

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