Thursday, October 6, 2011


aloha. felt the need to spam my blog with pictures and pictures, just to keep it lively. i can't stand scrolling down and seeing those old posts ye know. :B

so i just got home from celebrating Jac's birthday at Seasons. it was fun. i lost my voice D:
and the suckish part is that while we were lighting the candle on the cake she just so happened to get back from the loo, so she saw us. -___-

 something about these birds that keeps me coming back for more <3

 Jac's birthday cake, or should i say, cakes. nice right? xD
made by Mr Roy's wifeyy. hehe

 wearing AC's shoes. damn i kinda like those big shoes, makes me feel somewhat hip hop-ish. wuahaha. look at it! ZOMG

 also, celebrated mum's birthday after rosary at our house.
youngest bro photobombed her, but this pic actually turned out not bad if i might say so myself ;D

family pic!
I wasn't ready, hence the teethy smile.

 hello it's me again :p

 hoho. siblings babeh <3

oh ho ho. it's that time of the year where i have to straighten my fringe again. *sigh.

and there's something i hate, it's how something always seem to pop up when i've planned a gathering. sigh. i just hope things work out, have to manage so many things is hard. pffft

okay that is all. good nightszzz :D

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