Tuesday, October 18, 2011

first impression lol

we were studying together in the study area last week, and Linda asked a friend of ours, what was his first impression of us.

and here's what he said of me:

"when i first saw you, i thought you were a foreigner."

my reaction:

but actually on the inside i'm like:

happy of course. cause when i hear the word 'foreigner', first thing that comes to mind is 'ANGMOH'! hahaha.

but he continued saying
"like your parents just dumped you here."

that definitely popped my dream bubble.

now that got me thinking. i was dumped (???!!!) here???? that sounded like i'm an illegal immigrant or something.

i was in rage.!!

"what are you saying i was dumped here??? are you saying my parents don't want me?? Oh my gosh $@#)$(@#O(@%#)$(@#"

to which he calmly replied:

"eh, don't like that lah. that was before i got to know you bah. because your facial features aren't really chinese looking, plus your curly hair. so i thought you were a spoil brat so that's why your parents sent you here."

my immediate reaction was :

first call me an illegal immigrant, now a spoilt brat?? too much!! TOO MUCH!!

but then it dawned on me, wait wait. i don't really look chinese, there's still hope that i look fairly angmoh right?? hahahaha (please don't judge) i'm a spoilt brat?? it means i'm rich right? HAHAHAHAHHAHA (double shiok sendiri)

so i went from the above, to ...

i'm a rich angmoh. suck on that.


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