Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sushi making ~

I'm at Kathy 8 Po's house now!

have a huge gap between classes
10.30am till 4.30 pm !

6 hours man!!

so decided to make sushi at this 8 Po's house!

(dun worry later you can see her pic ^O^)




enjoy these pics !!

my younger bro's~

Ryan and Ariston.

we were forced to jog yesterday


Vian aka papaya selling lady ditched me T_T
so mum chased us out of the house
sadness of it all!!

kinda funny lah

all four of us stood outside of the gate for a while,
my eldest bro said

come lets hide here
*points to neighbours house*
for one hour then later go in the house.

me and my youngest bro.
his sakai face =.=

pics just taken,
less than an hour ago!!

8 Po & Ah Wee!

8 Po & da jie~

Ah Wee & me

me & 8 Po!!!

Ah Wee & me

CY and Shin Zhi



CY and Sushi

Sushi & 8 Po


all of us
excluding Sushi cos she's taking the pic


from left: Ah Wee, 8 Po, me, CY, da jie && Shin Zhi!


okayy time to make some sushi's!


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