Thursday, November 26, 2009

my weekend (:

blogging on my desktop now. cos my dear young brother of 9 is using the laptop T~T huhuuu :(

he kept on repeating the song 'Move Shake Drop' by Pitbull
so lol arhhh
now the beat is like stuck in my head :O

"move move shake shake now drop like your mama said !"
*dance \m/

went to Mammoth Mass on Sunday. held at indoor stadium, as usual.

soooooooo many people ~.~

and just like every year, we were late. wuahhaa!
actually, we were on time this year. ;D
but sadly everyone else were damn early so we had no place to sit !

sitting on the stairs T~T

Vian even said we sat at the exact same place like last year ROFL?
so lol lorrr

halfway thru the mass I went MIA liao
went hanging out with Vian. haha
(bad influence)

after mass, which is like 3hours later! T_T
we went to Parkson! ;DDDDD
for lunch woohooo ~

mum's in KL bahh so dad brought us to eat ^^

and this is my youngest bro with dad's new sunglasses.

last night dad showed me a NEW one again!
turns out he went to change the glasses cos we all say not so nice. hahaha

youngest brother with McDonald

so cute larh haha

ate at Marry Brown in the end. cos everywhere else was just too crowded :/

got dad to buy me this too! wuahaha
very cheap lor rm23 only wtf :D

okok lar hor? haha
only my ai ren so care me ler can notice dao :P

not having much sleep lately...
too hooked with Gossip Girl ~.~
done with season2 already! woots♥

but yea dad had a talk with me last night during tennis.
he said, uknow why don't you try sleeping before 10 everyday?
if you sleep at 10, wake at 7, it'll be 9hours of sleep!

not only that, your metabolism will increase and you can feel the difference yourself.
so I was like.. hmmm why not ?

so yea, from today onwards, I shall sleep at 10pm woohooo~
of course awhyo gatherings are special cases larrrr !
gatherings can sleep late bit. ehehe (:

took this pic when picking bro the other day.
nice rite?
the front part is like so bright and sunny, whereas in the side mirror, it's so cloudy and gonna rain anytime soon. :O

went to a party on Tues night. the pic above is the birthday boiii
so cute one. haha. damn shy too :P

some pics from the party.

2nd brother.

3rd brother

gahh the boi in the red shirt is so cute. !
he's like super energetic one, play with the balloon also can so high. XD

[in my opinion, he looks like Simon. LOL]

must say I had fun in the party.
though I was practically half dead at the time (slept 2hours only that day T.T)
loooking at the lil' kids really made me laugh like siao zha bo! :P

and hor, dad's friend was using E72 lerh! walau
I kept glancing at his phone wuahaha!
shiok sendiri there T~T

daddy I want one! :3

forgot what day it was, bought masks in Boulevard ! ;DDDDD
with Kri laopo woots !

there's like so many types to choose from.

in the end, we shared one box, cos it's cheaper that way.
so one mask is rm2.50, and one nose pack is only rm2.

I'm Lovin' It ♥

yay I got 5 face masks and 5 nose packs. !
(can choose 5 of your own choice lerh! cool o not? :P)

and this is the nose pack.

the person was like, use this remove the blackheads at ur nose there.
then she looked at my nose, and said
" I think you really need to use larh.
want us to put for u here?"


oh the horror.

I used the nose pack yesterday. while watching TV
my brothers were like,
"AIYER!! what is that??"
"why ur nose there black black one??"

talk bout over-reacting. ~_~

best part bout the nose pack ?
wohooo you can spend hours staring at the dirt you got out of your nose.

feel so accomplished! like got so many dirt out from the pores :P
sadly, i looked at my nose in the mirror, and one of the pores was bleeding ZOMG!

but I guess it's better than before?
but still got some blackheads lor T~T

I like this pic! look like got pink highliight at my hair there
hohoho~ !

my favourite shirt :P
from awhyooooo ♥

face problem T~T

look at my eye bags. *gasp
and my face also like corrupted liaos :(

all this for Gossip Girl!
urghhh no more!!
from today onwards must sleep properly :/

after photoshop.
tried my best to cover up the eye bags lol!
but hor, I think my eyes are the ones loooking tired :(
so no difference!


how I wish I can have photoshop lessons from XiaXue

also, messed around with dad's camera.
it's quite old y'know,
only 4mp wthhh !

if my dad buys me an E72, then it's camera will be 5mp leh!!
no need buy camera liao lor !!


oh daddddyyyyy~~

hahahaha xD

with flash. woots I like this pic.


okayy that's it for me post (:

still tired idono why Y_Y
sleep 9hours liao wor :S

arghh I can't stand this desktop nemore. lag like siao!

can't wait for tonight. weeehooo~
not only is mum coming back tonight,
goin out for dinner and bowling with Doreen darling too!

Sanjeet's back too! gonna have a hell lot of fun with them all! ;D
oh and did I mention ?
DOreen's friends - Amanda, Phoebe and Tracillia are joining us too! :P
more retards in the retard gang! LOL

one more surprise I just received this morning as well :

Joan's B.A.C.K.!!!!

she didn't even tell her parent's she's coming back. haha
I bet they'll be surprised too XD

tonight's gonna be a night to remember (:

*can't wait!*


kacangsoya said...

wei, i got notice ur lenses also lah dat nite..sparkling, blinking eyes

MeLo♥ said...

LOL! ok lor. thankss?? hahaha. sparkling blinking ur head =.= dun tell me u dun blink???

kacangsoya said...

esh...dat was a compliment lah. U wont get much compliment from me, just ask my other ex-kids in curtin

MeLo♥ said...

woah. I'm flattered. like seriously. ;D thanks! ex-adult in curtin