Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just felt like updating :)

Halloween ♥

the only time where you can be ugly and actually win something for being so ugly.
what's not to love, right?

after much much persuasion and perhaps a lil' forcing and threatening involved

I decided to go to the Halloween Party !!


went with Jac darling, and Bobby as the driver :O

we were 1 hour late. haha!!

cos we went to buy these horn thingy

have you ever seen such angelic devils before?

no, right?
I thought so too. :O

we totally picked the wrong costume.

we should have went,

dressed like ...


oh wait.

it's Halloween, we're supposed to dress as something ELSE.
my bad~

frankly speaking,

the party was BO-ring.

can't even see the performances properly.

but I had fun nevertheless.


cam-whoring with friends.

and darling :P

[my hair got bit purple here wuahaha!! ]

sprayed our hairs gold
(just like Chen Yi Ru in 桃花小妹 ♥ woots!)

watched PDGAs

Public Display of Gay Affection.

made new friends as well

now have a new victim to bully :P

after a while,
left for Ming's cos I was starving :(

(no dinner ok!)

wearing Simon's specs.

looked like Chels. haha ;D

oh yea, got meself a boob job too. LOL

don't you just LOVE Halloween ?


gots to hurry up with the Chemi tutorial arhh!!
the sooner I finish,
the sooner I can get back to watching Gossip Girl. ♥♥♥ !!

the show's so nice argh!
so the drama ♥

was supposed to watch epi3 of 桃花小妹 but still not available in PPS :(
so watched Gossip Girl instead and now I'm HOOKED!



thanks darling for the great time (:

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