Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terry is B.A.C.K.!!

it's been a while, bloggie ~

was supposed to head to bed, cos I saw this huge pimple just beneath my forehead!!

cannot tahan arhhh I hate it when there's pimple on my face :(
especially when I have a date with awhyo tomorrow night! D:

quite alot of things happened lately.
Terry's back, at long last haha.
actually he's back for quite some time already, only he kept hiding at home not wanting to show his face. =,=

apparently he wanted to surprise us lol

on the other hand,
this was what happened the other day:

saw a familiar red car driving in front of me (I guess YOU know where this is going right? wuahahaa)
I had a feeling it was her, and it really was.

she was on the left lane, and then I stopped just beside her car,
we were in front of the traffic light.
and just at that moment, she turned and our eyes met :O

I swear my heart skipped a beat.


we I quickly took pic lor
felt like paparrazi lmaoo.
and need to keep checking in case the traffic light turned green

see see?? I managed to take a pic LOL
too bad my phone has lousy zoom function T~T
this is why I need a new phone, daddy!!! *pouts

met up with Terry, Kri, Doris and Daryl.
PL didn't come in the end. so did Bry.

aeroplane kings. tsk tsk tsk

neways, this is from Terry! need to frame it ler. like once in a lifetime thing. :P

so kelian lor kena jio-ed like what.
damn sad almost broke down crying.

Terry wasn't the one who jio-ed me most u know!!!
it was actually Daryl Soon Jeong Hui!!!!
who's also my neighbourhooder! aren't neighbours supposed to care for each other instead of bullying ??

hmmph you should be ashamed of yourself T~T
pity lil' me :(

and on the same day,
had lunch at Sushi King.
Bry's request.

all of us went, excluding Terry lor. still in hiding at that time -__-
we were all late ! LOL
can you believe it I was the 1st one to reach Sushi King ler. after that Doris and Kri came.
Bry and Delicia came after us. *shakes head


woo I ate this, again. haha
egg thingy, damn nice lerhh XP

Salmon Hot Plate

very nice arhhh ~
shared this with Kri.
eat using chopsticks, damn tough uknow haha

we were struggling there, I think our pants ate more than we did T~T

and yea should try it some time, very yunmmmy !

and when almost done eating, received one more surprise.
Bryan Goh suddenly gave me this !


I thought wow so thoughtful ar brought me souvenir from KL.
then yuan lai is give me cos I got angry at him the other day -___-

and he bought it from Boulevard.HAHAHA
we all straight =.=||

can jia jia say from KL ma will sound nicer. hahaha!
that's what Kri said ;D

the day before, (Thursday 19th Nov o9')

last day of exams =D
didn't touch anything till...

Mr Roy tweeted me this:
"dun play2 lah... very hard uknow..."

my eyes didn't leave the book since then. ROFL

so sad luhh. took a glance at the 1st question in the revision paper, hadn't a clue what it was saying =.=

so started to panic wtf


who cares it's over! WOOTS ~

after exams, had dinner with Curtini~
we ate at Jing Wood.

om nom nom nommm~~

damn nice.
damn hungry too! HAHA

after that, went shoppingggg at Parkson.
woot woot ~

didn't buy much though haha
feel poor dunno why :(

bought this cute lil bee hair tie

and 2 pairs of earrings! =D

ah Ha said the ducky's the ugliest amongst all the earrings T~T
and yet I think it's adorable hahaha!
so bought it :X

haha cute rite??
but it's abit big ._.

with Hello Kitty bow tie HAHAHA

wanna buy colour contacts larhhhh ~
can't wait for mum to get back from KL!
will beg her again looool~

bought some masks too..
am using one of this now! ;P

there's 3 masks inside, rm13.90.
not bad rite?


using the seaweed one now.

last last, this pinky mask! =D

that's it I guess.. so poor ler lately dun dare spend too much.
need to save for more outings, and also, KL trip ! :S

oh yeaaa !
saw W705 in PINK! arghhh almost fainted LOL
but then E71.... hmmm haha ;D

dunno dun care. wait till dad decides to buy me one then I worry. ^^

need to get angry more often, can get more Toblerones wuahhaahah !
*evil laugh

nites all! 12.50am.

damn I'm getting old getting sleepy so early how to watch Gossip Girl like that T~T

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