Sunday, November 8, 2009

who says you can't have rock stars for parents?

*points to title*

MY very own rock star parents !
teehee~ XP

I helped mum with her make up worr =P

dad. haha

if you were wondering,
they're attending their company's annual dinner.

this years theme -- Rock.

parents went to Brunei this morning.
so as the responsible sister that I am~

I brought my brothers out for lunch!

at 3pm .


in the end,
we decided to eat abc instead of the usual rice.

brought them to my fav ABC store of course (:

and when we arrived back home, parents were back already!

and they bought stuffs from Brunei.

lots of stuffs.


there goes my weight loss plan

Excapade Sushi !!! ♥

nom nom nom ~

am very full now. really wanna eat some more of them delicious sushi,
but as big as my stomach is,

it simply cannot store anymore sushi!


they bought chocolates too!


too bad it didn't taste as good as it looks!


okayy that's all for my update. haha
rushing cos wanna watch GG...
I keep saying I wanna watch it,
but in the end I always end up doing something else :/

just some random pics taken over the days ^^

took this just now.
kinda like this hat lol

but sort of too big larhh haha

[then my darling brother just now suddenly say what this hat might be haunted -___-
and that it just might have a history.


hand sanitizer,
bought this when shopping with Susan, Kri, Doris and her friend.

me and my dear ~

using this pic to compete with her other dear !

I will win de! :O

presentation the other day~

cute paper clips I saw in the piano studio!
*me want me want*

tis is the phone strap I'm using almost everyday~

from JAc darling =P

loves it ♥

KC modelling my pink bag., and da jie act cute beside *ahem*


his expression is so... lol. ~_~

PL force us to take this pic.

Mr Roy!

hahahaha =D

look like Harry Potter, no? wuahaha



busy busy ~ XD

our project introductory page.

me likeyyy =P

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