Thursday, November 5, 2009

what title should this be?

just finished watching 桃花小妹 Momo Love episode 3 !

to be honest,
this show's getting slightly boring :/

most of the time,
it's showing the 4 psycho brothers planning on how to 'protect' their little sister.

not only that, I'm starting to get a lil' tired with the main actress - Cyndi Wang as well

episode 3 already Chen Yi Ru STILL NOT YET APPEAR

wth?!?!?! !!

they're still certain parts that cracked me up. lols!

dun worry,
I won't bore you all with words.

I have pictures to back me up :D

haha isn't this expression of his cute??

all 4 brothers were flabbergasted when a monk came knocking on their door telling them that their sister's gonna 出家 (be a monk too. )

so funneh.
his expression I mean.

this one,
is all 4 of them begging for forgiveness from their mother. LOL!

you won't ever see them this helpless when their parents are away!

look at the guy in specs again.
so cute arhh !!

the twins demonstrating to their sister :
how a guy reacts when with a girl he likes.


he looks like he's gonna cry cos he doesn't want to kiss his brother. LMAO

at their secret headquarters ....

they actually placed cameras inside their sister's room
just to make sure everything's alright

wthh~~ haha

very ki siao one.
see their expressions as they listen to 桃花 Tao Hua (sister) and 史朗 Shi Lang (main actor)'s conversation.

of course,
they heard something which sounded so wrong.

their reaction?


hahaha damn funneh!
kept on laughing non stop here.

oh yeah! there's a new girl in this episode.


so leng lui arhh ~

she's Shi Lang's cousin.
very fierce and overprotective, just like Tao Hua's brothers.

love her eyes! ain't they gorgeous? haha
I think she'll end up with the 2nd brother.

wait and see then ;O

one more complaint, episode 3, still no sign of Chen Yi Ru :((

sad sad...
need to see him rejected by Tao Hua also...
SAD! T__________T

on the other hand,

I'm so gonna watch GG tomorrow!

like I've mentioned time after time,

way more than 桃花小妹 anyways ;X

Chuck Bass, Dan and Nathan.


I can't make up my mind with these 3.
all of them are to die for *gahhh*

but Chuck Bass sounds sexyy~
don'cha think? ;D

Nathan aka Chace Crawford.

love his gorgeous blue eyes.
and wtf man love his parents for coming with such a hot name.
*bows down in recognition*

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