Sunday, November 8, 2009

I slept with a stranger !

ignore the title
(sorry to disappoint y'all. but the title was just something random. haha !)

went to Soho just now.
with Curtini

celebrated Howe's birthday.

ordered coke.

influenced by Doris dear liao lor.. suddenly had craving for coke too! :P

nothing much happened.
eat talk drink laugh etc etc

oh yea, there's also this hawt pondan guy wearing a shirt so tight you can even see his nipples.

eew much?

no worries,
I didn't see the nipples, I was told it was showing.
thank goodness!

so many of us.~

while waiting for our food, this guy came in and it's like...

he looks exactly like Terry man wtf ROFL

I kept staring and couldn't close my mouth.

it's like,
they look exactly the same,
and yet not exactly the same.

get it?

neither do I

after dinner, went to Parkson.
cam whored while waiting for the others at the lift area.

me and Wee ~

CY and me
(same height wuahahhaa!)

then, turns out,

they were waiting for us in the lift INSIDE of Parkson.


this one took while on the escalator!

check out Wee's sexayyy shoulder! wakaka

artistic, no?

and this is the birthday boii and I!
(actually I was more interested in taking pic with the christmas tree. XD)

plenty more pics,
sadly not with me.

and lastly,
guess who I saw in Parkson?

none other than Bryan Goh.


is it true E72's gonna be released Nov??
cos like hello?! I haven't seen a single one of it in Miri lorh T~T


just when I was like totally devoted and in love (or so I thought) with E71...

the white one ~

I found out that E72's coming out soon! :X

idk lar.. kinda like the white E71 more.
but being rm500 more expensive (eh?) ,
E72 has a 5mp camera whereas E71's only 3.2mp.

other than that, E72 comes with 4GB memory ; E71 2GB.

E72 also has this special optical track thingy? lols!

hmm.. is it worth it?

as if I'm not troubled enough!

now want me to choose between two phones which I simply can't afford?!

shoot me,

just shoot me.

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