Monday, November 9, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

everyone who knows me,
knows that there's no one better at day dreaming than ME.

so why not make a list of the things I would love to have, no?

you never know,
some kind soul might stumble upon my blog and decide to fulfill this treat list of mine.
ehehhe ~

so let's start with the most unrealistically realistic one, shall we? (:

1. Meet the famous Taiwan boy band -

ahhh I just love them.

listening to their songs makes me emo idk why :/

really hope that I'll have a chance to meet them.
oh please please pleaseeeee have a concert here in Malaysia

plus, a dear friend of mine (currently studying in Taiwan) gave me his signature.
omgggg !
she's so lucky,
having the chance to meet him in person

and yea really love her so much.
her giving me his signature seemed so unreal at that time,
but it was real,

so who knows?

perhaps, one day I might have the chance to meet ...
them. (:

2. Hello Kitty♥ Necklace !

this one in particular.
designed by Kimora Lee Simmons !
costs $1450

woots lols !

3. a NEW Phone!!

Nokia E71!

I've been eye-ing this phone for quite some time now.
then all of a sudden,

I saw somewhere that E72's releasing soon?

the effff now I have no idea which I want.

no worries, you can buy me both I won't complain XP

4. BLING-ed case to go with mahh new phone!

stumbled upon this blog quite some time ago
they provide blinging services. hehe

the price is quite reasonable,
that's what I think (:

love this the most.
I think I'm gonna buy this, IF I ever get my new phone that is.


this one also quite cute!
decotti bling ~

Hello Kitty♥! =D

love it all ~ woots !

I've saved the best for last! ;D

5. A New Laptop ! (all for meself!)

as you already know, or about to know,

I have not one,

not two,

but three brothers!


having only one dying desktop plus a lappy, which belongs to my dad btw,


especially during weekends !

everyone's like fighting for the computer,
like that how I do my homework if no computer to use??



the Dell Inspiron 13 laptop

if only I had one of these, all three also can
then my life would be much more easier.

no need to take turns with the three annoying brothers of mine.

woots! then I'd have the laptop all to myself!!

other than its sleek appearance + chio colours,
it's also quite light -- 1.8kg. !

teehee~ that'll make bringing it around much more easier.

more info on the laptop HERE. ! ;D

so basically, that's it!
not very greedy, right?


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Anonymous said...

hmm..shud hv checked out DELL during hari raya, they had promotion for cheap but value-4-money laptops...sigh