Wednesday, November 18, 2009


feeling hyper now! wahaha
kindly scroll up, and you'll notice that I've changed my header!

if this is your first time visiting then suan liao!!

it's final exam season again. so the horror
oh the exam air smells so good,
the sight of dust flying from papers left untouched since like, forever is simply divine,
everything seems so ... lovely during times like these.
even the sun shines brighter than usual.


ok cut the crap.
finished c++ this morning.
just one more paper to go! woots!
good news is :

I've already finish studying that subject !
at long last no need to study last minute! WOOTS!

since the next paper isn't till tomorrow 3pm ~~~~

I spent my whole afternoon trying out photoshop!
almost went crazy ._.

this was my header
only started using it recently, so yea it's new.
edited using Paint *hides face*

so as you can see it's hideous.

but I used it anyways cos I was too lazy to re-edit it haha!

and and and and!
with the help of Photoshop (credits to ah Wee for lending hers to me wuahhaa)


and lots and lots of time + energy,
and a little bit of skill of course!

I now present to you~~~~

me masterpiece.

ok larh not THAT professional but at least better than the previous one right?
kinda happy. haha woots~
need to learn more bout photoshop woohoo~

and oh, just so uknow, the pics on the right are like the things I love:

Chuck Bass♥, 辰亦儒♥, Hello Kitty, Elmo and Cookie Monster, Nokia E71 and of course -

xoxo Gossip Girl~~


also, Wee's in love with yet another Korean star.
*tsk tsk tsk*


quite good looking luhhh haha

his songs are nice, he can play the piano, he's KOREAN, dance. what more can you ask for in a guy?
and he's holding PINK roses.
awww! :3

but anyhooo I'm still not over Chuck Bass yet (haha) so yes, I'm not in love with him,
who says I can't be loyal huh???

try listening to his songs:

*Make Love
*Wedding Dress.

both not bad.

how I know? cos someone keep sending me links to listen. ^^
as for who that someone is...

you know I know lar

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