Sunday, May 3, 2009

buaiis ai ren.. ♥

hohoho ~
went to eat at Big Apple with my lovers yesterday

I was late again..
and they weren't happy ...
sorry ai ren, dear, laopo and darling..

really sorry.
when messaging Susan darling said they already finished eating,
waiting for me to arrive nia.

but when I arrived,
and sat down,
ai ren suddenly said:
"ok kai dong"

I was like,
I tot you guys finish eating already?
then all of them said "wait for you lah" together
touched !!
and scared at the same time !!
thanks all !!
luv you all dearly ~

see see my ai ren too hungry liao cannot wait,
so fast jiu take one doughnut liao

not bad larh the doughnutss..

ai ren ♥♥♥♥♥♥
luv you much much

after that went to Boulevard.
Susan darling and I pei-ed SS ai ren shop for some goods to bring back to SG.
so funny.

darling kept calling her "ah sam"
which means auntie I think?

I also found out that SS's friends in SG thought that I'm her bf and that I cheated on her in front of her face
all thanks to TERRY!!
for writing so in his blog!
you see terry you make me look bad!!

but then,
Susan Darling said,
"aiya darling,
you cheat nvm also larh, we all still love you."


do I have a good darling or what?

darling also called Kri laopo a 黄脸婆
which was just hilarious
cos Kri's face really too funny le when she heard Susan say that.

ok larh..
my laopo not that cham anymore.
lately not so blur liao
I told her that,

then this happened:

*when going back*
Doris: ehhh you remember where you park your car de ma??

Kri: of course lah

Susan: waiiyo.. really not bad le oh

*when we reached the main entrance*
Kri: err, where le har?


oh oh oh !!
bout this morning,
when ordering chicken rice for my bro,
the laoban called me "小妹妹"

happy !!

I look young BO BIAN!

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