Tuesday, May 19, 2009

finally I see ads!!! *screams in joy*

was late again today..
ho sei lo

when I arrived school,
stepped out of the car with my hello kitty umbrella
then it straight poured down like siao!!

wthhh !
kelian me can???
late already still need to get soak then shuang meh!

so I was 30 minutes late,
dripping wet,
with my stupid shoes squeaking away with each step that I take
do not ever wear Crocs when it's raining.

at least the rest of the day was okay !
didn't see my true love today though
but who cares,
I have a feeling he's gay!
dunno is it me thinking too much,
or is it the way he looks at his friend is just too.... lovey dovey?

sometimes I feel like going up to him and ask,
hey are you gay?


but some thoughts are best kept to myself

Ah Wee just told me there's a quiz tomorrow!
whhhhyyyy ???

and this is what the lecturer wrote in the website:

QUIZ 3 - NO TIPS tongueout

so cute the emoticon

okayy I know this post is pointless and all,
but whatever ~

do try out my Quiz in facebook!!
support support


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Joan said...

i cant find u in FB! T-T