Saturday, May 23, 2009

then there were three...

what a long day...

to be honest,
I was quite angry when Susan cancelled out on me just now.
(sorry ah darling)
she told me what need to go bank

didn't really get what she said,
till Kri msged and told me that she's very sad cause Susan's going to Labuan.
she was accepted into the Matrix school thingy...

dunno why larh when she 1st told me I went numb.
didn't know what to feel
how I should feel...

for a second I felt like I couldn't breathe
but deep down inside of me,
a voice told me that she's not leaving Miri

she can't ...

I mean,
it's like, in our whole gang,
she's the only one that confirm staying in Miri till after Form6.
then now...
in the blink of an eye,


just sad,
that's all...

went to Imperial to meet with her.
Kri and Doris went too
when I saw her the only thing I said was:
"why you have to go?"
she didn't reply me...

then after a while she asked me
"why you look so sad?"
I couldn't answer her...
cause tears were already welling inside my eyes..
I cannot believe this is happening!
Doris dear saw that I was gonna cry and quickly shouted at me and ask me not to.
funny larh her..

we went on our own after a while,
as Susan was busy buying things to bring to her new school. (with her mum)
oh yea,
she's leaving Miri


tell me lah,
how can I not be sad??

ate at KFC with dear and laopo
after that went around checking out phones, and clothes
I wanna buy a phone liao!
sadly I used up so much of my savings
(I doubt it should be even called 'savings',
should call it 'money that I keep in my drawer only to be used during emergency shopping trips!')

but the whole time we were moodless...
went to my house

at 1st played with Bean Bean and Yin Yin.
Doris dear admits that Bean Bean is more cuter!!

then we chatted while sitting at the swing outside my house.
talked there.
funny larh,
Doris dear use her phone that has WIFI and STEAL my neighbour's line.
then she kept on saying wasehh ,
Lilian's(my neighbour's name) line very fast ohh!

we talked a lot.
shed quite a few tears as well
at 1st didn't want to eat out that night
cause we really don't know how to face Susan.

I know,
as friends, we should feel happy for her.
happy because she got selected for the Matrix.
happy because her future is brighter.

but ...
is it wrong,
to want her not to go?
I know it's selfish and all,
but ....
I really don't want her to go.
nobody wants her to go.
and deep down I was hoping that she herself wouldn't want to go.

Doris and Kri have already accepted the fact that she's leaving..
perhaps I should too
I never thought that she would leave me this soon
that's just part of life,
isn't it?

move on~
is it that easy?
I know I know,
Labuan isn't that far.
but still,
arghhh dunno lah!!

just now last last last minute decided to eat at Ming Cafe
everyone went!
woots :P
Poh Lim nia last to arrive

then went to Parkson after eating
arrived there too late already
all the shops were closing.

sad ahh !!!
I don't feel like staying in Miri anymore...
what's the point?



Anonymous said...

haha i like the life instructions!
cool! =D

★ whoaamello ★ said...

Saying goodbye always sucks


MeLo♥ said...

hmm thanks Ken! ^O^
mello.. hahass.. your name's similar to mine =) yea it suxks.. haix.. but it's part of life I guess?

★ whoaamello ★ said...

Thanks for coming by (: And yes, I kinda just realized that we both have similar names. Except yours is spelled one L and mine's double. LOL.

True that Reunion and Separation are both sisters on the path of Life but if it's any consolation, the people you love don't ever truly leave. You'll find, in time, that they will always find their way back to you. Cliche but true (:

Hang tough, live strong ♥

MeLo♥ said...

waa.. nice one =)
haha.. made me feel much better ^O^