Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm sorry

sorry for everything.

I've never been of much help, only causing trouble for you guys anyways.
so I guess me leaving is best for everyone.

but please don't give me that face....

you know, that face, dunno how to say lah!!
if you're angry at me I understand.

but I didn't see any anger just now, I think?

just scold me lah!!
that way I can feel better ):


sorry Dan, Rohit.

all the best


to one of my best friends ever :

I know you're hurting, but I can't say I know how you feel.
I know you need time to heal, the pain you feel inside.
I know you need space for yourself, to clear things in your head.

so that's why as a friend, a friend who loves you deeply,
my advice to you is to...

stay strong.

you are one of the strongest girl I know.
and I know you can be strong again.

all you need is time.
time to heal, time to forget.

and sooner or later, you'll realize, that it is time to move on.

nobody is worth your tears, the only one who is worthy of your tears, will never make you cry.

be strong my friend, think of those happy times
you're beautiful when you smile, so yea,
keep smiling

even when you feel like dying inside,


and whenever you feel like crying,

just cry your heart out!

and know that we'll always be here for you if you need us to listen.

I know you'll make it through the rain ...

and stand up once again.



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