Sunday, July 19, 2009

sing like there's no tomorrow!

first things first!

happy birthday

Susan darling ♥

all the best oh darling (:
in Labuan~

hope you find the man of your dreams there ;D

so I hadn't the time to update for the past few days :/
was so busy larhh LOL!

hmmm maybe just as busy as papaya selling lady aka ah Vian ^O^

neways, was supposed to go shopping with Doreen darling today one..
*sobs sobs*
but I think my dad'll kill me plus I'm kinda tired so just have to cancel... haiix

ok so back to the updates!
I'll try to blog bout everything that happened in the past few days!
let's hope I have good enough memory .__.

okayy so yesterday Saturday the 18th July was my dad's birthday!
invited some of my dad's close friends and we all ate at Yi Ha Hai

nice nice not bad the panggang fish !

I didn't eat the crab though.. ~.~
cos well, you know me larhh lazy pig one haha :D

after dinner, went back home to eat cake!
everyone followed also larh~

my dad's cake
B Boy's mum bought one~

this one my mum bought de XD
ice cream cake!!!
damnnn yumm!!

yumm yumm

yumm yummmm

the birthday man boiii !!

haha so happy hor

of course lah I'd be happy too if I have two cakes and a cute daughter

notice the tarts beside the ice cream cake?
oh my goshhhh those are heavenly!!

lol you should hear my bro say it
hahaha plus the expression on his face, it's hilarious!

cutting the cake~ :O

after a while, I left and went to sing K with my loverssss ♥

dad sent me cause he didn't want me to drive home
ooiseh care me ah

sing k very shuang lo!! haha
cos Susan brought lotsa chocs from Labuan!!

best part is ~~~~


never before seen NEW flavour only sold in Labuan at the moment!!

and Rocher also zomgooshhhh she love us ME too much le haha

and we all sing laugh till wan die le


cause mr Sim Poh Lim lo!!


every song ah when start le, he will ask,
"can I sing? "

all of us simultaneously :

"Please lahh... "

"faster dun give him the mike"


then when the song starts, he sure sing one line one

and we all will moan hahahha

we all dunno wan cry or laugh hahaha
so we just laughed like mad there

plus hor,
he get the remote control and sing very loud

then that time Doris and Kri holding mike they sing so soft,
then Kri laopo stopped then turned,
look at him and say,
"eiii I tot u holding mike eh sing so loud"


damn funny lah hahaha
Susan also laugh till siao haha
not bad not bad ;D

and SS ai ren,
we didn't forget bout you oh that nite (:

haha later u see the last pic you will know how we ji nian you Xp
[dun tou tou scroll down 1st oh]

okayy time for the picss!!! ;D

wow Miri's famous singer actually joined us that night leh!
and took a pic with us

*points to girl wearing orange with mike in her hand*

4 of us~
PL as photographer

he reli knt run out of crap one lo

last night he said he wanna be photographer liao

me and Olic Tingg

PL (the dreamer) me (the famous singer *cough*) and Doris dear (chiobuuu all the way!)

me and Kri laopo

fooiyooo famous singer LOL!!
I standing on the couch that's why look tall


oh yea took by famous photographer PL lerh LOL

this is our only male singer of the night!!

Kri laopo and Susan's smelly smexy feet

Kri laopo~

dunno busy what hor~

I love this pic!
PL looks like monkey here!! HAHA

I think I definitely make a PRO-er photographer than he doessss !!

me and Susan darling
yoohoooohoooo~ :P

Doris dearr

laopo and dear


laopo looked very pretty wor that night
when I went in the 1st person I saw was her ma
then I was like

sot dao

me and laopoo

me and doris

then just after midnight,
Doris and laopo went to get Su's birthday cake ;D


see us two =.=

Susan already wishing.. me still there thinking what to wish

blow blow~~

cut cake~

susan hair so nice hor haha
1st time see Susan smile till so sweet one
sure is cos I'm cutting the cake with her ;D

and last but not least!!

ai renn~~

we sang '25 minutes' in remembrance of you oh!! ;D


and when Susan PL sing '3 tian 3 ye' they say miss you ahh

got a song by Fahrenheit!

walau wehhhh
title is "ai dao" (爱到)

aidiiiiii DAMN NICE LAHH!!!

the mv also omggooshhhh lucky PL dunno how to sing ah if not he'll spoil it HAHA

anyways, at the ending there, Chen Yi Ru like looked at us while singing ma,

Calvin Chen Yi Ru!
then we all sot dao

then when song finish...

"wow. you all got see ma? he look at me eh!"

"look at me lah!!"

"me lahhh I stand more near the tv."


so we sang till 2.30am???
something like that
wasehh so tired lo ~.~ the room also damn cold one haha
we all sang till no more voice liao =X

then, halfway while singing, Susan went toilet, then rush back telling us that got police outisde!


so shiok you know! ;D
but in the end didn't come check us dunno why haha

all in all had tonnes of fun! ;D

love singing k haha
next time I wan learn to sing ai dao then sing that hoohooohooo !!


saturday morning~
went with ah Wee
helped teach at a tuition for small kids one
or rather, just sit there and watch her teach Xp


but all the kids damn cute one luhh
and me also almost pengsan liao cos wake very early ._.
slept so late arhh lolsss

cute girl with not so cute girl

ahhh the boii very cute one !!
see him must pinch his cheeks haha

ah wee the teacher

cute kidsss

Friday 17th (I think?) ~

went to B Boy's house for dinner ~

Ninong Rey and Ninang Gina's in MIRI!!!


brought them for lunch at Ba Kut Teh with mum and dad

then after that we went bank hunting


after that they went to our house a while,
and I laughed as I watch them disturb my other bro's hahah
damn funny one!!

the foood was great ~
talked with Serena then with her parents and Ninang and Ninong too!
1st time leh I talked with grown ups like that~

jeng jeng jeng~

after talking, sing K!


philipino love to sing k hor ._.

but I didn't sing larh !
too paiseh liaos =X

and hor~
I took a pic with my hubby there eh! LOL

me and Optimus ♥


"call me Prime, Optimus Prime."



in the evening,
went jogging with ah Vian!!

what can I say?
when Ah Vian's involved, sure I'll end up doing either something stupid, goofy or silly
or all three at once!

oh yea a whole lot of laughter too Xp

we only walked like.... 2 rounds?
then ahh...

"I say correct right? this park really no shuai ge one"

"ya lo. tell you lo you should go the hill there got a rich guy's house there"


and right at that moment,
a guy passed us by

a guy, who happened to have a not so bad looking back view !


and Vian did the most funniest thing ever!

she actually ran after him saying
"psst shuai ge shuai ge"

I was laughing like mad there while chasing her LMAO

so so funny lah AHAHHAHA

then in the end, we sat at the bench there to wait for him to come one more round -___-

wait wait wait...
then hor

he finally come le we thought at long last can see his face

who knew,
he went and sit at the bench too!! ZZZZZ

so in the end didn't see dao his face

oh the sadness of it all!

but good also lah who knows his hideously ugly?

dun spoil the image lah LOL
at least now when I think bout jogging I can picture his blurry face and maybe have some motivation to jog


Vian : "common lah you look so cute"
me: =.="

dun act cute liao lah ah Vian haha

Vian and me

vian and me
I was talking I think, wanna take the phone away from her

and last but not least.....

the meditator!!

damn funy

and we were the meanest joggers ever!
like everyone who passed sure ah Vian will make a comment one

got one ah pek passed by
then she's like
" wasehh his butt so qiao!"


then got some old ladies beside us heard what she said


then ah Vian was like,
"hurry run away they heard what I said"
then we both ran like siao hahahahha

siao ahhh us!

"aidi why you look at ppl's butt one!"

"no mahh his butt reli very qiao
you try look behind then turn back, the 1st thing you'll see is his butt right?"


funny o not?

Thurs !

went to ah Wee's house!

watched 17 Again!!


with Zac Efron in it!

we ordered pizza~

then after eating, went up to Wee's room

start the movie
but dunno lo like the sound is different from the action
so tried to watch using her laptop

while waiting for the movie,
we played facebook LOLOL

then I even kacau-ed Shin Zhi
I used Wee's account saying that I'm her bf

seemed like she believed leh!!

where you guys going lerh? lunch?

no lah. we go eat abc ^o^

sound like someone oh....

then I was like laughing like mad cos wow I can't believe I actually blew my own cover

so there lol
not fun one T__T
I'm too predictable

3pm sent Wee's bro to Stadium
then her dad brought us to eat kueh
after that we went to Servay to buy some junk foods!!

to eat while watching later
[yea we facebook-ed till forgot watch movie ._.]


in the end didn't go jogging at all!
that was the original plan haha
but we watched movie till 7pm then finish ~.~


two siao zha bo's together is like that one lo


okayy lah that's the end of my long looong post!

before that,
a pic of my bling-ed wallet

put more bling on it ^O^

(Dan's right after all, there's always something to bling!)


I love you guys damn much arhh ;D


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