Saturday, July 4, 2009

movie marathonia~

mehh I have nothing better to do,
so I've decided to just blog about every single movie that I watch
hopefully I won't bore everyone to death
*fingers crossed*

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

this is the 1st movie I watched
I thought it was gonna be funny or something, cos it seemed funny in the advertisements
but it was like so ubberly disgusting to watch !!
like seriously !

my mouth was already hanging at the front part, where the main actor dropped his towel when the girl broke up with him
like hello???
he isn't even hot !!
AND, the actor's that that THAT part really showed out not once but for a few times !
I almost fainted -____-

don't watch the movie please
it's just horrifying to watch

Hannah Montana the Movie

the movie's not that bad
too bad Taylor Swift only appeared for a while
awww :/

the main guy is cute and all ~
but his voice too man liao

this movie not bad !
made me cry in the end. hahas XD

Confessions of a Shopaholic

this show so niceeee !

very funny too
cos like everyone were like queue-ing outside a store that's having a sale
then fighting for a pair of shoes
kinda ridiculous actually, in a funny way that is :)

the girl's cute mann !! haha
she and the guy make such a sweet couple!
[I think I say that to all the couples in the movie I watch ._.]

cute right?
watch the movie and you'll definitely agree !

27 Dresses

omggg watched this last night !
hence I slept for like only 4 hours? ~.~
dying here =S

thank goodness I had Jess babe chatting with me accompany me hohoo~
neways I loooove this movie !
the girl's gorgeous I love her (knew her from Grey's Anatomy)
the guy she ends up with is kinda cute too

and it makes me happy to see them together dunno why ;D
as for the guy she was madly in love with in the beginning (I don't know WHY)
eeew so old can !
can be her father liao lor -____-

the guy who marrys her in the end :)
cute no?
I also found out that he's Scott in Xmen Series (the hot guy wearing glasses one~~~)


this, I have to agree, is a VERY nice movie
no wonder people are like drooling over it

I've only watched part I *clears throat*
just wasn't interested in watching it , but decided to give it a go since everyone's like in love with it.

well turns out the movie's not half that bad!
enjoyed every moment of it XD
and hor,

if I knew I early early watched liao lor~
hahaha ;D

oh yea ~
Optimus Prime is like,


thanks Joanna SAPO for intro-ing me a nice site for movies !!
ahahahha if not I'll sure bored to death one
love you lots lotsss !

stay tuned for more movie updates hohoho~

I'm Lovin' It~ ♥

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