Thursday, July 30, 2009


3rd post for today,
shiok, ain't it?

as you can see in the pic above,

I received another pressie today...

it's from ah Vian

no wonder these past few days kept on asking me whether I'm free o not lah.. ~_~

thanks oh Vian !

was kinda emo-ing (for no particular reason whatsoever, I just feel sad) before, then she came. haha

so I stole this opportunity to hug her.

she gives the warmest hugs ever!! ;D

anyways, we talked a while lah lolol. bout things~
wasehh and I also found out that she can't go jogging with me is because she has tuition till 9pm =.=
since 4pm I think? lols...
then she came to my house during break time..

she's too good to be true. (:


to be honest, I don't think I deserve such wonderful friends.
I don't know why, I'm just not worthy.

you all love me too much le, really. haha


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