Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wake up call :)

this post was supposed to be all about Scarlett Johansson being not so hot
but then while googling for her pics,
I realized she's not that bad
but only when she's not revealing too much.

it's the 2nd week of the hols...
I think?
loss count liao lor.. haiiiiix!

maybe really should try growing some mushrooms, as suggested by terry.

arghh I don't know what is wrong with me
I'm so lazy nowadays =(
want to blog, upload photos then just leave it there
cos I'm too lazy to continue

so today I'm going to break that lazy habit of mine
and blog :)
[but I can't confirm that this post'll be good T_T]
and I'll try not to make it all about movies nemore :P
(later lose my faithful reader no.1 ehh!! Xp)

so I watched 'The Devil Wears Prada" yesterday :)

it's a nice movie.
hehe with a stunning main actress --> Anne Hathaway

she was like nerdy looking at first then turned into super hot model quality with some fashion advice from a guy working with her

pretty eii?
more prettier than Scarlett Johansson can!!


so there's this competition by Nuffnang!
really feel like joining
it's about writing a blog post about 'your lurve affair with...'

more info here. :)

but then.........
I'm lazy

bah suan liao! lool~
I'll update on something else

to those who said watching movie is useless and a waste of time
(if there is any)
I'm going to prove you all wrong!!

cos from the movie,
"He's Just Not That Into You"
I learnt that,
"if a guy acts like he doesn't give a shit, he genuinely doesn't give a shit"

straight forward, harsh, and easy to understand, right?

if so, why are we girls still lying to ourselves or each other (sometimes) ??
remember when we were young,
there's always a boy who keeps on bullying you (movies always got lah, dunno real life got o not) or disturbing you.

and when we complain about it,
people will surely say,
"aiya he has a crush on you ma that's why always disturb you lah"

is it really so?

I don't think so lo
it might be true
but most of the time we girls have absolutely no idea what's going through a guy's mind.
for all we know he might be thinking about food when looking your way and you misinterpreted it as him having a thing for you

friends are always lying to us, saying things like
"aiyo dun think too much lah of course he cares about you ....."

when in fact,



the truth hurts,
yea it sucks sometimes, most of the time
but still,
it needs to be heard!!!

so yea, thanks to this movie I realized something I never realized until I watched this movie. (LAME LOL)

which is . . .

he never did care, and he never will.

and there I was, stupid and foolish, thinking that he's this great guy blablabla
when in fact, it was just me lifting him up because I thought I was not worthy, and that I do not deserve him.

everyone is equal in this world, whether you're pretty or gorgeous, rich or poor.
we're all humans !
nobody in this world is ugly!

beauty is not only what one sees, it is also what lies within a person.
someone can be as pretty as Britney Spears,
but her heart is as evil as Snow White's stepmother.

what's the use of that?
no one will like someone like that, right?
well, of course, only shallow people who makes friends with people because of their popularity and money will like them lo

but who would want friends like that?

ok I seem to be getting further and further away from the topic -___-

so yea I was blind but now I see.

and hor babe I don't blame you for telling me all those lies lah
I know you just didn't want to hurt me

but yea sometimes the truth needs to be told
and yessh I admit I sometimes tell those kind of white lies too
cos sometimes the truth is really hard to say it to a friend's face,
I'm not a hundred percent sure, so who am I to ruin ones hope on something, right??

so yea that's all I have to say I guess?
so ridiculous of me to realize something so obvious only after watching that movie

what was I thinking all this while???
my gosh, that movie really is a wake up call
a good one that is :)

so yea
"He's Just Not That Into You"
watch it.
(but if not nice don't come complaining to me ah ;D)

makes you realize things you never did.

and made me understand that,
yea, he really wasn't that into me after all.

and you know what?
it's okay I've moved on

okay sorry larh this post is still all about movies
I seriously need to get a life.
or rather,
start living mine!

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