Monday, July 6, 2009

you just HAVE to watch this movie

I've finished watching "He's Just Not That Into You"

aghhhh !!!
it's a fantabulous movie !
like, seriously !
if you haven't watched it yet, go go GO watch it NOW!!

still overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this film ;D
so gimme a sec will ya?!

so basically, this movie revolves around the love lives of some people (very beautiful peoples indeed)
at 1st was kinda blur cos the storyline was kinda confusing?
but then again,
no trouble paying attention AT ALL,
cos yea like I said,
beautiful faces on the screen, how to not pay attention ?

but but but but but !!
it is almost ALMOST perfect !

why almost?
well... ~~~
as we all know, marriages can be destroyed due to a third person right?
well in this case it's the bitch in this movie!!

played by Scarlett Johansson

my gosh...
I hate her man !!
in the movie larh ~.~

she fell for a married man!
the man told her he was married and yet she still seduced him !!

so bitchy lah!!
then the guy also guilty a bit larh but hey at least he tried to stay away??
I was counting on him to make a change [lol I sound like a politician]

anyways, here's the hot guy who couldn't resist temptation and succumbed to the hot girl


John Joseph Vesely
Bradley Cooper

come on!! he seriously looks like John Joseph Vesely!!
agree, no??

John Joseph Vesely, aka Secondhand Serenade

lookalike, not mehh ???? ~_~

back to the story.
so Scarlett kept on seducing him
then in the end, he confessed to his wife that he slept with someone else,
and yea I thought the cheating was gonna end ...

but it didn't.

he actually had the nerve to bring her (Scarlett) into his office and wanted to had sex with her!
like OMG??
her clothes came off her so fast
that I dun even wanna talk about it -___-

Scarlett very pretty mehh??
I don't get why everyone is like saying she's hot bla bla bla
I for one do not agree lo !!
[but the 1st pic of her is not bad :)]

or maybe I'm saying all this because I watched that movie -.-
all I can say is,
her boobs are humongous!
is that why guys are attracted to her?

but I still think she shouldn't wear dresses that are too short like this one.
since she like, has big breasts and a big ass?

geez talk about big assets

then hor, while they were kissing passionately in the office, suddenly someone knocked on the door.

guess who?

his wife.


so he hid her in the closet *rolls eyes*

then another surprise!

his wife came in and threw herself at him and wanted to have sex with him.

this guy's so wanted ;O~~

(I dunno why but hor, his wife and him never had sex b4.)

SO, this left Scarlett who was hiding in the closet all this while MAD FURIOUS!

she doesn't want to see MrWanted ever again neither does she want to TOUCH him.

so she went away,
then went back to this guy who likes her a lot, and lalala you guessed it!
had sex with him

this kelian guy aka Connor ~
played by Kevin Connolly

she was just using him all this while

sad sad

and nearing the end, he brought her to see a house and asked her whether she would move in with him in the future blablabla
and she broke his heart lo

thankfully, this guy met someone in the end.
which is like a girl desperately looking for a guy thru the net.

ok so these two had a good ending :)

bad ending part,
obviously is the married couple luh...
they divorced
the wife went away to start over.
the guy still alone.

Scarlett, enjoying single life
(grrr marriage spoiler!)



so there's this couple who have been dating for 7 years
the girl aka Jennifer Aniston finally broke up with him, because he's not willing to marry her even after dating for such a long time

pretty pretty Jen :)
no idea why Brad Pitt chose Angelina Jolie over her!! hmmph!!

her boy friend very cute one lo~
played by Ben Affleck

cute guy needs more coverage.
haha ;D

okok so they broke up
then in the end when her dad was sick, he came back !! *happy happpy*
and he helped her out etc etc

so after that, she went to find him,(in his boat i don't know why he's in a boat ._.)
and she told him,
that living with him, the way he treats her all that is way better than the way her sisters' husbands treat them
and for her, it's enough to make her happy
and that she wished everything can be the same as before
*aww really very sweet !!*

then very funny lor she asked him to get rid of his pants dunno why

so so so he moved back.
then Jennifer found those pants, then was like wanna throw it away.
then Ben said,
"heyy before you do that better check in the pockets whether there are any important belongings etc~"

so you guessed it !
she found a ring there
and when she turned around,
there he was, on his knees
proposing to her
*my gosh at this point tears of happiness straightaway poured from my eyes!*

Ben: "I love you. and I'll do anything to make you happy. Will you marry me?"

Jen:"Of course I'll say yes"

haha !!

then here's another part of the movie that's also a happy ending:

there's like this girl,
who's kinda despo, no offence (lol),
she keeps looking for guys and hoping that they'll call back etc etc
she likes Connor aka the cute guy who likes Scarlett

the despo girl, lols
known as GiGi in the movie and Ginnifer Goodwin in real life
pretty :)

neways, she met Alex (Justin Long) and he kinda taught her what men actually mean by the things they say
so they like talk everyday on the phone
everytime she has a date, she calls him and sadly,
all those guys on dates with her, aren't interested.

Alex played by Justin Long

so she keeps on searching for the right guy.
till one day, she realized that it was Alex all along !
and she thought he had a thing for her too. :/

so during a party she threw herself at him (like seriously threw herself at him lol!)
then he was shocked and told her
"I thought I told you before, if a guy wants to ask a girl out, he'll ask a girl out!"
"did I ask you out??"

so he rejected her
then she left
and never called or looked for him since then.

then then then, days go by and .....

Alex goes crazy.
not real crazy, crazy as in he can't focus on anything and he keeps checking his phones for any miss calls from her.

so he kept calling her, but she never called back
then in the end he went to her apartment
and told her about his feelings

girl didn't believe him at 1st then was saying something but then he interupted by kissing her

so in the end they very sweet couple lorhh

not bad not bad
Justin Long looked better in the movie.
maybe because he's wearing a suit all the time, so seems more matured, cos his faces is kinda childish


from left:
Drew Barrymore(ends up with Cooper in the end), Jennifer Connelly(divorced with hot guy), Jennifer Aniston(happily married to cute guy Ben), Ginnifer Goodwin(despo girl who finds her Mr Right in the end) and Scarlett Johansson(enjoying single life.)

from left:
Kevin Connolly(Connor), Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin, [dunno who] and Bradley Cooper

mehhh he doesn't look like JohnJoseph Vesely here
and and Kevin Connolly is cute lah cos he's so petite XD

so that's pretty much it.

I love this movie!!

hope everyone does too !


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