Sunday, April 26, 2009

am I happy?

went to Imperial again !
to the pet exhibition,
again !!!

see the chihuahua sleep together with the white pup!!
argghhh really too cute liaos !
so adorable..
1st time I see such a fat chihuahua

dad bought a exercise thingy for Bean Bean ^^
cos he's like too fat for the original one that came with the cage


ten random facts:

#1 though many say the new hamster is chio-er,
I still love Bean Bean more,
dunno why
#2 the guy working at the selling waffles place in Parkson is C.U.T.E!
#3 notice the Hello Kitty pin in my cartoon pic??
ehehehhhe !! :D
#4 I luv my current blog skin !!!
#5 I'm sleep deprived.... :(
#6 my phone keychain is sooooo cute !!

#7 David Cook's 'Always Be My Baby' is so nice !!
#8 there is like a never ending to-buy-list inside my head right now....
#9 arghhh I want to eat ABC !!!!
#10 weiii Physics report haven't done ahh


the new hamster's name is Yin Yin.

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