Thursday, April 2, 2009

don't go accusing us lah diu

this post is to you know who you are.

mind you,
please make sure you know the full story before saying a whole lot of shit about how we are bad and are a disgrace to our school.
just so you know,
how we choose to act is our choice,
not to say none of your business.
you have no right to come into my darling's blog and accuse her of all the things she didn't do!
it is clearly stated in her posts that they are all fiction!
only the posts about AWHYO are real.

I understand that you're not as excellent in English as we are,
and I forgive you for that.
but I also wanna apologize because sadly,
my computer can't type Chinese.
so scold me for that why don't you?
go ahead,
there are two chatbox's there waiting for you to type your heart out.

and yea, I must admit that I myself also can't wait to see what you have to say.
*puts on eager face*
have you no idea how blind you are?
saying that HH is blindly supporting my darling.
how do you know?
we have been close friends for so long,
we trust each other when we tell the truth about what really happened.
and yet here you are,
you admitted yourself that you do not know the so called victim that well.
then may I ask you,
if you do not know her that well,
then how do you know for sure that her side of the story is true?
have you ever considered our feelings?
how would we feel that you're blaming this whole shit on us?

who are you?
you have so much to say about us,
then just admit who you are.
don't go around leaving offending messages in other people's chat box.
that is as rude as scolding bad words.

you claim that you are a friend of mine.
if so,
do tell me who you are.
and I can fill you in on what really happened.
and like I said,
if you don't believe me I won't give a damn.
and trust me I didn't plan to blog now.
but I just feel that it is so wrong,
that so many people got the wrong idea on what happened.

I do not know what the so called victim said about us.
and I do not wish to know nor find out.
I am just not interested in the past.
like you said,
it's been two weeks.
has it really been that long?
cause I just can't be bothered.
so whatever you say.

you said we scolded her 1st?
did we really?
you think we have nothing to do??
go waste credit message her just to scold her?
please lah.
I have way better things to do.
if you do not know what happened before I posted her pic in my blog,
calling her a bitch etc etc.~
[yes, I admit I did that.]

then don't go around thinking you do!

get your facts right.
it was me who wrote about her, not my darling.
don't you dare put the blame on her.
you wanna say I started the whole fucking mess?
then go ahead say that, think that.
I couldn't care less.
cause I know that I didn't.
if only you saw the comment the so called victim wrote.
ohhh wait,
she deleted it didn't she?
why delete???
have something to hide arhh??
I wonder..
but who am I to judge right?
I'm just a good for nothing -- (oh go ahead and fill in the blanks. call me whatever shit you want )

don''t worry.
I saved a copy of those comments here with me just in case
and woots!!
I haven't deleted it ^^

so if you think I wrote that post just because I felt like it.
then you are so wrong.
I wrote it because the so called victim wrote that comment 1st.
so there.
I've cleared things up.
believe me or not it's your choice.
all I can say is, that comment was so evil.
I'm just wondering,
whatever did she tell her parents huh.
who knows?
maybe showed them my post and that's it.

like hello?
your pic I took from your friendster
it was open for everyone to see,
I don't think it was wrong luhh.
and and,., I wrote your name.
you're not that famous till everyone knows you.

I don't see Britney Spears running to her mummy and asking her to scold the paparazzis.
telling her mummy to call the paparazzi's parents?

my bad..
the so called victim we're talking about isn't Britney Spears now,
is she?

the so called victim is just a cry baby who runs to her parents for every little thing that happens.
and who can blame her?
she has nobody else to turn to bah.


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