Monday, April 27, 2009

holidays baby !

this morning so sad...
left last part of the report only, but dunno why,
took me 2 hours(?) I think to complete !!
sad sad.
well at least done le..

but then, my last page,
printed at the campus library,
like shit man.
the paper,
cannot describe in words bah.
sucks to the max that's all I can say.

thanks all that helped me finish the Physics report!
Rohit, who completed the whole thing.
da jie, who helped me fix my graph and many more :P
and and and,
someone who's lappy I borrowed.

after handing the report,
went to PArkson !!

picked Wee 1st,
she so mafan one !!

ate at McD
omg omg omg..
got Big Mac liaos !!
yummmm ~
[I know I swore never to eat McD again,
I broke my promise to myself,
so shoot me.]

nothing much lah.
hot hot day
da jie bought her guitar just now.
I'm sure she's smiling to herself (imagine a very very VERY ham face) right now.

oh yeah.
it's the holidays !!!!
at long last.
I'm so tired.....

hopefully this holiday can play till song song

ai ren can't wait for you to be back ohh
Thursday, Parkson.

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