Sunday, April 19, 2009


that's me.
after Physics Quiz.

I want a laptop lah !!!
PINK one please !!!
sad !!!

VAIO !!!!



on the other hand,

(I know what I'm saying next is totally irrelevant,
but I'm still gonna say it nevertheless. )

giving up is not an option.
in everything that we do,
never give up.

no matter how low you're feeling,
how depressed and exhausted you are after everything,
never stop believing,
stay in there.
keep on fighting,
and surely,
you will succeed.

there is always light after darkness.
just like there's the moon and the stars at night.

when you feel lonely,
abandoned, broken, crushed
and you think that nobody cares,
that nobody gives a damn.

even when the whole world is against you.
just remember,
God will never leave you.
He was, is and always will be there for each and every one of us.

He will never give us a task that He knows we cannot accomplish
every problem we face in life,
God knows that we can overcome it,
therefore he gave it to us.
to make us stronger.

if only we believe,
in God, and in ourselves.
we can achieve anything we set our minds and hearts to.

give up, Never.

even in matters of the heart,
one does not give up.

one lets go.

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