Wednesday, April 1, 2009

gives you hell

when life gives you McDonald French Fries,
look calories in the eye and say:
"I'm not afraid of you ~ ne ne ne pu pu!!"


talk about randomness + a whole lot of shit lameness!!!

why suddenly feel so moodless??
just realized something,
moodless ---- without double 's' spells Moodle!


oh crap I'm going nuts.

there are just some things I prefer not to know.
and I hate the curious side of me that wanted to know,
to find out.
so now I know.
and I hate knowing.

I hate ..
I don't know..
I just don't like what's happening now.
feel so fan..
arhhhhh !!

if you ask me why fan?
I also dunno..
it's just so many things added together!

why do I overspend?
why do I think so much?
why do I hide behind my own smile?
why do I give a damn?
why do I feel like.... everyone's leaving me?
friends, him.. everyone.


worse thing is,
I don't even know why I'm sad.
I need a hug...
make that hugs.....

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