Sunday, April 5, 2009

what you did to me

when I told you I'm not happy,
it meant so many things

it meant that I was sad,
I still am.

it meant that I needed you to be there,
you left me alone.

it meant that I miss you so much,
you don't care.

it meant that I realized I fell too deeply for you,
you never will feel the same.

when I said I like you,
I meant every word I said.

that's why I'm sad.

and when I told you I'm not happy,
it meant that I wanted you to comfort me.

cause there's nobody who can make me sad,
except you.

it did not mean I wanted to be left alone,
it did not mean I needed time for myself.
it did not mean anything that you thought it meant.

you just don't get me.
and that's fine by me.
cause I don't get you too.

will update on more important matters soon.
bear with me while I go through this ridiculously stupid and time consuming sad phase of mine.

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