Tuesday, March 10, 2009

200 th post!!!

okayy the picture above is XiaXue
ain't she pretty?

well, what I don't get is why so many people hate her?!
hate is a big word ya know?
if you say, 'dislike', it might sound slightly nicer,
and might not hurt so much.

that day I read some people's comments bout her,
omg lah..
all these people.. filled with hatred for her.
like seriously.
what did she do?
kill your mother ?
*rolls eyes*

if not, then why do you guys hate her so much??

there was this guy,
or girl
or perhaps half *you never know right?*
he wrote such a long 'hate comment' in a "ihatexiaxueblog"
that's a stupid blog that's all I can say.
and there was this girl who said,
"I'm so happy someone created this blog.
now I can write bout how much I hate her and not feel guilty since everyone else is doing the same."
like.. please lah.
spoil girls' image nia!!
yes you bitch, whoever wrote that comment,
you are a total disgrace to us girls!!!

hence, us better half of Girls, shall now shave your head bald!!

ok back to the guy or girl or perhaps half person.
what a long comment,
going on and on bout how he thinks she's a fake etc etc
so much shit on how much he hates her.
then I went to his blog.
sooooooo empty!!
all there is are pictures.
ehhh suddenly dunno how to type is it?
or your keyboard sent for repair?

commenting on others you have so much crap to say,
then when it comes to your own blog,
you have nothing better to say?
I so wanted to scold him in his chatbox..
but figured..
why do that and make myself a fuckish person just like him.

so all I want to say is,
Xia Xue is a great person. =)
she's cool, funny etc etc~
pretty too.
and to all those who thinks she's ugly,
well here's my question to you.
exactly how pretty are you?

if you're so pretty,
why didn't you announce to the whole world that you hate XiaXue when you won the Ms Universe title?
my mistake!
you didn't even qualify now,
did you?

how would you feel if I told you you were ugly??
think lah.
God gave us a brain for a reason okay.
so just use it will you?!
how would you feel if suddenly the whole world tells you that they hate you?!
of course.. you'll feel hurt, alone.

Xia Xue is cool enough to ignore you all.
in your faces..

I love reading her blog.
just so funny bah her posts.
and I don't care what idiots think!
I think she's cool. =p
so to all her fans,
continue on supporting her!!
and to those who don't know her yet,
do visit her blog and I'm sure you'll love her too =)

I would like to introduce my ex to everyone

Ryan Cabrera...
isn't he cute? =/
I used to love him so much..
every picture of him on the newspaper,
I'll cut it and stick it on my wall.
this one so engtao..
I mean seriously,
who can point their middle finger and still look oh so cute?
the reason I broke with him :(
he turned goth..
why oh why??
I love your spiky hair bahh!!!!
come on baby,
change your hair back and I just might consider having you back..

and babe arh,
I know you're probably puking now, but hor,
I still think he's cute!!

and before I end this post,
my personal fav pic of him !!

in love with him?
I know you are

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