Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I do Love You ~ =p

Happy Birthday Doreen Babe x333
XoXo babe !! =p

suddenly forgot what I wanna blog about ._.
brought my brother to Boulevard just now,
then outside there got some stalls,
woo ~
so we bought lekor, doughnuts and banana kueh!!
omg.. so yummy!!!

ohh ya saw the guy selling newspaper there too.
'know' him when working in Bou last time.
regret even saying hi to him.
cause when I saw him walking over just had this feeling of ...
simply because he is so big and he can easily kidnap me and my bro
not that I have anything against big people!
it's just that,
he has a bad guy face!!

then arh,.
my brother only how old nia,
he come over and smoke in front of him.
show some example lah please!!
smoking in front of a kid.
when in the car,

my brother asked me,
"just now that guy your friend har?"
I reluctantly said yes.
then he said,
"aiyer he smokes one."
I say, ya loh suckish friend call him to rot in hell lah !
if I said that then I also not giving a good example

and I think I'm gonna die an early death.
I'm like inhaling so much secondhand smoke nowadays,
(so many ppl in Curtin smokes!!!)
I think I'm gonna lose half my lifespan!!!!

that'll show you to smoke in front of me.
you good for nothing selfish inconsiderate dim witted newspaper seller!!
I know..
but who cares he won't read my blog

what else to say..
oh yeaa I've been so happy these past few days ~
hoohoo all I can say is things cannot be better between me and him


ehhs then again maybe I'm not that happy.

dunno larh,
I just feel,
that I laugh too much (in my messages lah) that it just seems so FAKE!
but I don't know..
I seem happy when I wrote the messages..
but after reading it again,
I can't help but think..
why did I laugh again?
babe arhhhh sorry luhh bout last night..
but I really dunno what wrong with me sia @@

and Bryan Goh,
I very beh song you liao oh.!!
ask you question never reply..
I go and strangle you then you know =.=
and and.
since you asked me that day,
what should a guy do to impress a girl.
I shall now reveal to you the secret to winning a girl's heart !!

these are the things I would do If I were A Boy

1. care about her
2. always make her happy
3. think about her all throughout the day
4. say 'I Love You', and mean it.

omg.. =="
I've got nothing, Bry!!
yuan lai I'd make a lousy guy too,
luckily I'm not one =="


wonder why it's so hard for me to find something to blog bout today

notice that I've created an extra chatbox!
especially for AWHYO members ohh~~
well Terry was right after all and I am jealous LOL!!
so must write oh =="
please ~

If I got down on my knees and told you I was yours forever
Would you get down on yours too and take my hand?


allow me to intro my da jie to everyone!!

Mei Shin!
but lately I lazy call her name liaos,
everyday call her da jie
sure one day even her real name also forgot!
so da jie IF you are reading larh,
(I think you will read cause I got ask u can put ur pic in post marh~
plus you this vain one sure wanna know what I write bout you right? ^^)
you better tell me to change nick for you oh.
if not later call guan le knot change le wor~~

lately chat chat with this da jie of mine in msn,
then we both same same larh not pro at making new friends
prefer to stick to old friends.
but dunno larh,
I feel she not bad larh,
like so hardworking one,
everyday sure got prepared for the lecture/tutorial/lab!!
pro sia!!
and and..
her engineering maths exercise, already do finish
but I still till question 10?
(*note* got 50++ questions ==")
I think lah.

yea one more thing,
I know why I'm not as happy as I should be already!

last night,
msg msg then he suddenly become so sot!
then in the end asked me a question..

dunno larh..
I terasa when he ask like that...
I always think too much =(

and I dun wanna answer his question,
cause obviously my answer would be:
[because I like you.]

but I've told you twice,
and I don't wanna tell you again.
after the 3rd time,
I won't tell you again.
so wait till the day I can finally let go then I'll tell you one last time bahh

then I'd say,
remember what you asked me?

the answer is:
because I like you.
because, I want to know you more.
because, that day, standing so close to you,
hearing you talk, seeing you smile,
being THAT close..
means so much to me..
till this day,
I still cannot forget,
your smile..

and thinking bout his smile,
makes me smile too..

I like everything about you..
you're the one that can brighten my day
put a smile on my face,
and make me forget every sad thing that happened...

If only you felt the same way I do about you

I like him too much lah!!
I still remember,
that day working together,
then so much customer,
and then I saw him wanna go put water into the bottle.
I dun have time to go put water myself cause too many customers,
so asked him to help me.
dunno why I suddenly so brave sia~

then when message him few days/weeks later,
he jing ran say,
dunno next time see you you will ask me to help you zhuang shui again mah
gek dao!!

I like him too much to let him go
not that he was ever mine..

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